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Coolest website
Started by CliffMan
(2016-04-14 20:00:57)
CliffMan (2016-04-14 20:00:57)
Everyone, I'll make a website that is cooler on the internet. The website will be Clifford Land. There will be a lot of chatrooms, a voting booth, forums, and more. Plus, there will be a livestream of my radio show on one of the chatrooms. Let's be honest, a few years ago, on my first time on plaza, there were a lot of people on the chatrooms on plaza and now years later, people stopped going to plaza, which means there's less people on plaza now. I want plaza to go back to the way it was. A few years ago, there was more people on every chatroom, now there's people in one chatroom on plaza. No release date for my website to be up on the internet yet. My website will be ready for the people on the internet in mid-June 2016

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2016-04-14 20:17:03

WiiUGuy (2016-04-14 20:13:44)
CliffLand is an actual place, so change the name.
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Whiteflame (2016-04-14 20:41:18)
Cool Website? ADVERTISING!?!?! You're ed. e-e
NodePoint (2016-04-14 20:45:33)
Technically advertising. Isn't a valid event.
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