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Started by Star
(2016-06-30 01:56:51)
Star (2016-06-30 01:56:51)
I think I'm going to leave 3DS plaza because I havent really been on since I got insta so ya but anyways follow me in insta @Unicorn_gods and on

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2016-06-30 01:58:24

Follow me on Instagram @Unicorn_gods and on also find me on highrise @UnicornGoddess 😜😜😜
Nin10dude789 (2016-07-02 03:30:22)
Instagram is pretty lame in my opinion. I do have one... I only posted like 3 pics.
FC: 2810-1347-6074
Games I can play: Smash 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Street Fighter 4, Mario Golf, Tekken

Wii U
NNID: Nintendude789
Games I can play: Smash Wii U, Mario Kart 8
Star (2016-07-02 18:32:42)
I've posted around 100 things on mine I use it all the time
Follow me on Instagram @Unicorn_gods and on also find me on highrise @UnicornGoddess 😜😜😜

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