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[JavaScript] Node.js
Started by TwilightWinter
(2016-07-09 06:55:58)
TwilightWinter (2016-07-09 06:55:58)
I found Node.js very interesting since it is made up of JavaScript, yet it can start a local server similar to Apache.

I plan to learn Node.js. I made this thread to know if you guys have made any applications with Node.js, if not, are you planning to learn Node.js.

This is just a Node.js discussion thread.
TwilightWinter (2016-07-13 19:17:44)
I found some hosts that can host Node.js applications. They look kind of complicated, though.


I just don't know how I can code on it.
Do I have to have Node.js installed on my local server to use Heroku?
ChampionLeake (2016-08-05 17:01:17)
Hmmmm. I may try it.
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TheAlexRider (2016-11-20 02:43:06)
I like node.js but at the same time it's difficult...
ICTman (2017-04-14 20:50:04)
I haven't used it, but I just don't like the sound of a console app being written in Javascript...

That being said I do want to try it.

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