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How to get laid
Started by Edgee
(2016-12-01 21:07:27)
Edgee (2016-12-01 21:07:27)
Gentlemen, let me ask you a very important question

When was the last time.. you got LAID?

Yesterday? the day before? a week? two weeks? couple months? A year?? How long has it been?

Alright, let me ask you another question.

When was the last time you masturbated?

A couple hours ago? Yesterday? The day before? Three days? A week maybe two weeks??

Okay, so why is there such a big difference between these two numbers. I already know that the frequency of you fukcing vs you masturbating is completely distorted. You're not getting laid on a frequent basis yet you're masturbating on a frequent basis. Clearly, the issue is not sex drive related. You have the drive. That's why you have time to stroke. Right? And I'm assuming you're not asexual cause you came to this thread to get advice on how to get laid. So what's the problem?!

Clearly, the issue lies in masturbation. You see guys, we all have desires. Just like when I get hungry, I want to eat. If I get thirsty, I want to drink. It's the same thing with sex. When you're CRAVING to get "deep inside" You got to fulfill that need. You've got to fulfill that DESIRE. and what you guys are doing The guys that are not getting laid is you're running to masturbation as your comfort zone because otherwise you'd be going insane. You'd be going fukcing insane if you couldn't masturbate. And this is going to bring me to the main point of this thread.

In order to get laid..

I want you to stop masturbating for 30 to 90 days..

because what's gonna happen is that you're gonna tune in to your primal instincts.

INSTINCTS is what's going to guide you to getting laid.

I'm not gonna give you advice on how to do it. I'm not gonna give you the formula. Obviously I recommend an upfront more forward approach. A direct approach to meet women, but I'm not gonna coach on that. I'm just gonna say this.

You stop masturbating for 30 - 90 days .. and your life is going to change forever because the sex drive is going to boost all the way up.. and what's gonna happen is you're gonna tune in to your primal instincts. You're gonna want to get the puussy. That's what's gonna happen, you're gonna be really fukcing sexual.

I know this to be true.. this is what's gonna happen:
You're gonna be looking at women who would normally be 5's .. They will NOW appear as 7's (sorry I'm using number scale but this is how I'm using it)
5s will become 7s
7s gonna become 8s
anything above 8 is a 10
so essentially your ego will be completely destroyed. You will no longer have the standards you used to have. You're want to fcuk average chicks, or even below for that matter because the sex drive is what's gonna get you there. The instincts are gonna get you there. Just like if you were starving.. you're gonna eat food that you don't like. For instance I DON'T LIKE PICKLES. I can't stand pickles, but if I hadn't eaten for 3 days I would be eating the whole fkucking jar! You understand? It's the same thing with getting laid. Instead of running to masturbation every time you feel the need. Everytime you go "Oh sh!t I got to bust a nut, let me jerk off" NO insteand of doing that you're gonna hold it in, and you're gonna shut the fcuk up. You're gonna let your instincts do the work. I mean clearly your ancestors got laid, your parents they made you, It's been going on for a long time. To make you where you are now today in history there's been a lot of fcuking. So why can't you do it? Why can't you rely on your instincts like your ancestors did. Clearly you can. So you have to get in tune with your body. You have to get in tune with your masculinity in a sense.

And I know this may sound crazy for a lot of you but trust me, these are the facts. You are using masturbation as a comfort tool. That's why you're not getting laid. Because the desire is forcing you to use the hand.. instead of being with another individual.

So my challenge for everybody who wants to get laid, I'm not gonna give you anything, I'm not gonna give you any directions.. just don't do any masturbation 30 - 90 days.. Watch as your sex drive increases.. You're going to want to fcuk anything that you see. You're gonna want to fcuk below average chicks, average chicks, you are gonna want to fcuk anything guaranteed! And that's what's gonna lead you to approaching these people, and ultimately leading them to the bedroom because you're gonna be more dominant as well. When you're in that horny sexual state where you haven't got laid.. Oh you're gonna want it bad, YOU ARE GONNA WANT IT. You are not gonna be puusying around You won't be doing all that bullsh!t(small talk, taking on multiple dates) You're gonna be a go getter.. You're gonna go get it.. You aint' getting friendzoned.. You're not gonna waste your time. That's what happens when you tune in with your primal instincts, when you stop the masturbation. The masturbation, it's a seed of life being throw into the air.

What you've got to do it get back in tune with your masculinity. S
TOP with the masturbation.
Watch as your sex drive increases.
And then go fcuk like an animal.
And you will.
Trust me you will.

And when you get laid I want you to tell me
"Edgee, I was so horny that I just fcuked everything I saw."

That's what's gonna happen.
Hope this thread is a good use to you.
Get laid within 39 days .. cause that's what's gonna happen.
It's gonna happen.
And give me your feedback.

Hope this helps you out, and talk to you next time.

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