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3DSPlaza's sixth anniversary!
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Started by Robdeprop
(2017-01-31 14:58:02)
Clyv (2017-02-12 16:54:01)
Possibly, the issue would be with the chat, and it wouldn't be instant if it was.
qwp789 (2017-02-12 20:17:07)
3dsplaza is like a thing that won't go away for me until it's gone forever

and no i don't plan on going to the new website
pikarceus (2017-02-15 05:19:09)
Yeah I think another site is a good idea. A 3ds centered site was only going to last as long as the 3ds, which has almost run its course.
TheRiddler (2017-04-09 21:52:27)
Any update on the new site?
TheRiddler The DWK!!
Maxwell (2017-07-22 10:31:30)
Hopefully TUC (The Unbreakable Chain) will be finished and put on the new site because that was awesome.
CrypticTAWOG (2017-09-04 01:52:55)
happy anniversary 3DSPlaza

You don't know what we've been through.
BriGoRawr (2017-12-15 06:04:25)
And soon it will be the 7th anniversary.. thats 3 years until a decade anniversary. Only IF this website isnt dead until then.
It's Brittany, .
Bean (2018-01-31 23:07:46)
Happy seventh anniversary, Plaza.
markeese (2018-03-15 21:42:49)
At least I don't have to pay for this.

rad awesome guy
BriGoRawr (2018-04-12 08:17:52)
It's Brittany, .
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