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why i don't use cpanel
Started by home
(2017-04-06 15:25:46)
home (2017-04-06 15:25:46)
its CRAP

its very ugly and softaclous requires some additional steps to install wordpress

my host has its own custom control panel which isn't based on cpanel and i'm about to sign up to windows hosting which uses plesk
~Justin~ (2017-04-10 03:44:12)
... Or do not use a web host at all?

I'd rather just buy a cheap OVH server and host from it. Not that much harder. However, no cpanel period.
ICTman (2017-04-14 20:47:29)
CPanel has had some big updates, it all just depends whether your host uses them.

And if you code by hand (like me), Softaculous isn't a problem, but that too has had some big updates.

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