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My Tips for Poetry
Started by CringeyMaoMao
(2020-09-10 13:56:42)
CringeyMaoMao (2020-09-10 13:56:43)
I know Cryptic and others got in trouble for doing this, but I have written a song a long time ago, and I just wanna give out some tips for Poetry...

It doesn't have to rhyme, as long as the other line rhymes
If you don't know what I mean, here's an example:
There was the door.
In it was a girl.
Who wasn't there before.

Hope that made sense X'D


If it doesn't look similar, but it rhymes, use it.
Here is some examples of words that don't look similar. but it rhymes:

For Most

To Die

But what if


Thanks for Reading!... don't ban me please...
50 words for Murder
(and I am every one of them!)

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