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Please fix Notepad. (1)
Started: Jan. 02th by jxisuwu
Last post: Jan. 02th by jxisuwu
3DSPlaza Server crash. (1)
Started: Dec. 14th by KeatonGamr
Last post: Dec. 14th by KeatonGamr
I can't change my PFP! (1)
Started: Sept. 13th by CringeyMaoMao
Last post: Sept. 13th by CringeyMaoMao
I cant acess anything (1)
Started: Oct. 21th by Tas17
Last post: Oct. 21th by Tas17
Notepad:can't save files?!? (4)
Started: Jan. 06th by Gihonny
Last post: Nov. 12th by samcs1111
Cant change avatar, please help!
Started: Feb. 15th by Xslash~V5
Last post: Dec. 31th by SirWaffle
Am i the only one who can't appreciate threads? (8)
Started: Jul. 08th by Metro3ds
Last post: Jul. 12th by Metro3ds
Bug (4)
Started: Apr. 10th by Metro3ds
Last post: May 16th by ChampionLeake
bugs (2)
Started: Oct. 10th by MushroomMan
Last post: Nov. 01th by ChampionLeake
/whisper is not working (4)
Started: Mar. 23th by Windowsxp
Last post: Aug. 16th by SnowyCinccino
You guys need DoS protection. (7)
Started: Feb. 18th by gliycheyfox
Last post: Jul. 10th by SirDavid
Cannot login bug on 3DS (2)
Started: Jun. 05th by WiiUGuy
Last post: Jul. 06th by NodePoint
Bug Reportdd ban (5)
Started: May 01th by CheshireCat97
Last post: May 10th by XxFairyTailXx
Cannot buy anything at store (5)
Started: Mar. 27th by WiiUGuy
Last post: Apr. 14th by ChampionLeake
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