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Programming (Python, Java, Delphi/Pascal, C, VB, etc)
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What do you prefer:C++, Java,or Python (32)
Started: Aug. 18th by _Silver
Last post: Aug. 27th by kangang4014
NIGHTKILLER (virus) (10)
Started: May 01th by WiiUGuy
Last post: Sept. 27th by CrypticTAWOG
Learning to code Python (4)
Started: Jul. 09th by Sam19
Last post: May 04th by ICTman
Batch File site selector!(EASY) (3)
Started: Dec. 25th by Visible
Last post: Apr. 13th by ICTman
Heavily Slowing a MSDos PC down (4)
Started: May 01th by WiiUGuy
Last post: Apr. 13th by ICTman
(Java) Network skills needed! (2)
Started: Mar. 09th by Kardezhtophae
Last post: Aug. 31th by Sally
Visual Basic Browser (5)
Started: May 07th by WiiUGuy
Last post: May 08th by Technology
CMD (command prompt) Commands (14)
Started: May 28th by AlbertWesker
Last post: Mar. 16th by Applebucker
GC Pad Network Functionality (3)
Started: Mar. 06th by Kardezhtophae
Last post: Mar. 06th by ZarktyArk
ICM - Developers Needed (4)
Started: Dec. 04th by Connor1
Last post: Mar. 04th by NodePoint
Windows 8.1/10 app development (4)
Started: Jul. 21th by Majora
Last post: Dec. 18th by Delta
C++ game design (3)
Started: Jun. 10th by imawsome12
Last post: Jun. 11th by imawsome12
Project TGL (7)
Started: Nov. 20th by 1999
Last post: Jun. 04th by AlbertWesker
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