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Talk about programming for 3DSPlaza. Just incase you run into any issues whilst making the new Cool App or Game!

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3DSPlaza Programming
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HTML (4)
Started: Jul. 13th by TheIronMadden
Last post: Nov. 27th by NodePoint
3DS Survival!
Started: Jul. 25th by djl12328
Last post: Nov. 12th by djl12328
A New Game:JA3PG! (5)
Started: Jan. 26th by Vectrex
Last post: Aug. 21th by Vectrex
Flipnote Reborn server crash (2)
Started: Jul. 18th by XNecromancerX
Last post: Jul. 30th by TheAlexRider
Falling Kingdoms (5)
Started: Aug. 08th by wewered
Last post: Jul. 14th by qwp789
Profile? (5)
Started: Jul. 29th by MamaLuWeegee
Last post: May 19th by mega
Chat "To all" comand (5)
Started: Oct. 19th by Blade
Last post: Nov. 24th by Chaos
2D minecraft 4 3Ds (2)
Started: Sept. 28th by Proanimation
Last post: Sept. 28th by Proanimation
Html Test Suite (3)
Started: Aug. 31th by Tommeh
Last post: Sept. 07th by Tommeh
Hero (41)
Started: Jan. 09th by djl12328
Last post: Aug. 24th by legobro4jesus
Secret Project: Project AOKI (33)
Started: Nov. 19th by Pokebert
Last post: Aug. 24th by legobro4jesus
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