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Super Smash Bros 3DS or Wii U? (25)
Started: Apr. 14th by Nin10dude789
Last post: Aug. 09th by OrbitalLight64
Next-Gen Consoles (102)
Started: Jun. 21th by Ron1212
Last post: Nov. 16th by 3ch0
Poetry Forum: Do you read the poetry? (62)
Started: Apr. 30th by Gray
Last post: Feb. 23th by StarLovesYou
Which of the following WiiU games interest you? (64)
Started: Nov. 26th by mewtwo
Last post: Aug. 20th by OrbitalLight64
What WiiU Version are you buying? And More. (36)
Started: Sept. 17th by mewtwo
Last post: Jul. 20th by Pteglumphe
Are you getting the Wii U? (79)
Started: Sept. 14th by Ron1212
Last post: Feb. 20th by xLorinX
Started: Aug. 30th by Zoomr412
Last post: Apr. 05th by carlos12
Which Legend of Zelda game is the best?
Started: Aug. 26th by Ron1212
Last post: May 19th by MegaRaichu
Is KIU getting old? And how long have you played?
Started: Aug. 25th by mewtwo
Last post: Aug. 19th by ChampionLeake
PS Vita or 3DS?
Started: Aug. 17th by mewtwo
Last post: Mar. 19th by asleepykitti
How much time do you spend on 3DSPlaza?
Started: Aug. 11th by mewtwo
Last post: Aug. 20th by OrbitalLight64
Urgent! Need Symbol Suggestions
Started: Aug. 08th by SomeLuigi
Last post: Feb. 16th by squirtle2016
Urgent! Need Name Suggestions (please read!)
Started: Aug. 07th by SomeLuigi
Last post: Apr. 30th by FixedKarma
What device do you visit plaza on the most?
Started: Aug. 05th by mewtwo
Last post: Aug. 26th by AngelAcid
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