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Until 3DSPlaza gets a decent Poll System, you may feel free to use this as an area for Polls.

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User-Submitted Polls
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Money or Love? (4)
Started: Jul. 05th by Commenter
Last post: Aug. 13th by OrbitalLight64
Dogs or Cats? (9)
Started: Oct. 17th by Windwalker
Last post: Aug. 11th by OrbitalLight64
Xbox one s V PS4 pro (1)
Started: Aug. 09th by OrbitalLight64
Last post: Aug. 09th by OrbitalLight64
Started: Oct. 04th by brandoin
Last post: Jun. 18th by QueenMerci
PS 1 vs PS 2 vs PS 3 vs PS 4 vs PS 5 vs PSP vs PSV (4)
Started: Mar. 09th by NEXUS
Last post: Jun. 18th by QueenMerci
old 3dsplaza vs new 3dspaza (1)
Started: Mar. 09th by NEXUS
Last post: Mar. 09th by NEXUS
Presidential election (4)
Started: Nov. 20th by KingMarc
Last post: Feb. 09th by KingMarc
wwe vs tna (8)
Started: Sept. 15th by corre
Last post: Jan. 15th by Metro3ds
would you be a assassin or a templar? (3)
Started: Feb. 17th by zzzdylan1
Last post: Jan. 14th by ObeyMercilia
Gay marriage? (16)
Started: Jul. 03th by Naira
Last post: Jan. 14th by ObeyMercilia
Burr or Hamilton (1)
Started: Oct. 11th by Carmilla
Last post: Oct. 11th by Carmilla
Stardust Crusaders or Diamond is Unbreakable (4)
Started: Jun. 22th by Dragnet
Last post: Sept. 09th by Bean
Should NodePoint be demoted from chat moderator? (4)
Started: Aug. 19th by theguyryanb977
Last post: Aug. 19th by NodePoint
Gay or Str8 (2)
Started: Jul. 12th by JimmyJonJones
Last post: Jul. 12th by JimmyJonJones
Would You Rather Be... (3)
Started: Jul. 30th by CrimsonEspeon
Last post: Jun. 26th by Windwalker
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