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Huge Developments in the 3DS Homebrew Community (24)
Started: Dec. 30th by BirdJesus
Last post: Sept. 04th by Betrrr
3DS Tricks (5)
Started: Feb. 17th by Nerd3500
Last post: Sept. 04th by Betrrr
Super Smash Bros. 4 3DS: Improving (29)
Started: Oct. 06th by WiiGi
Last post: Aug. 29th by Bean
Yo-Kai Watch Discussion (10)
Started: Oct. 04th by vbanjo1
Last post: Jul. 31th by BirdJesus
MYST (3DS) Review (6)
Started: Jul. 02th by Crush42
Last post: Jul. 15th by Crush42
Who here has hacked their 3DS? (3)
Started: Jun. 20th by Vectrex
Last post: Jun. 24th by Vectrex
Flipnote Studio 3D Flipnote Import Experiment (3)
Started: Jun. 18th by Kamehame731
Last post: Jun. 18th by Kamehame731
Flipnote 3D Sharing Thread (1)
Started: Jun. 10th by TheFlipnoteDude
Last post: Jun. 10th by TheFlipnoteDude
Fire Emblem If (Fates) Review (23)
Started: Jan. 22th by Shane
Last post: Mar. 29th by Nutsy
Umm help :c (12)
Started: Dec. 30th by Mariana
Last post: Jan. 02th by MarioErmando
What, YouTube 3DS? (11)
Started: Sept. 15th by SuperJakee
Last post: Dec. 30th by ChampionLeake
MH4U (130)
Started: Dec. 28th by Trollalot0
Last post: Nov. 18th by Applebucker
Review: Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (6)
Started: Sept. 21th by Crush42
Last post: Nov. 12th by pikarceus
Finally some good news!
Started: Nov. 16th by pikarceus
Last post: Oct. 31th by Bean
SmileBASIC Tips And Tutorials (2)
Started: Oct. 27th by Crush42
Last post: Oct. 28th by Shane
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