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Post your ideas and bug reports about TUC or its spriter here! Because there is no public release, you can't report TUC bugs...

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TUC Bugs and Suggestions & TUCS Bugs
. (1)
Started: Feb. 27th by PlutoniumFalls
Last post: Feb. 27th by PlutoniumFalls
We should turn this into our secret Trashcan forum (8)
Started: Sept. 05th by DrakeJericho
Last post: Mar. 02th by GawdHydra
TUC Ideas: Tasks and Add-ons. (11)
Started: Oct. 30th by LightChao
Last post: Jun. 30th by BlankCircle
TUC suggestions (2)
Started: Jan. 06th by SnarkyKetsuban
Last post: Jun. 30th by BlankCircle
You're in The Game (3)
Started: Jan. 10th by Kalaab
Last post: Jan. 10th by Kalaab
TUC IDEA: Add-on ideas (3)
Started: Oct. 31th by doggle1
Last post: Nov. 01th by doggle1

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