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y do flipnute hetana nu wurk (7)
Started: Aug. 05th by AlexAlmighty
Last post: Jun. 12th by QueenMerci
Does anyone still use the DSi anymore? (13)
Started: Apr. 04th by squirtle2016
Last post: Feb. 13th by NEXUS
R.I.P. DSi (7)
Started: Jul. 12th by SMOGamerX
Last post: Aug. 07th by SMOGamerX
DS/dsi ware game reviews coming soon!
Started: Nov. 10th by pikarceus
Last post: Aug. 07th by shamairra12
(Dsi Kingdom hearts:re-coded).HELP ME (2)
Started: Aug. 10th by Marti
Last post: Feb. 18th by bioshock
game play around the world (1)
Started: Feb. 06th by astro
Last post: Feb. 06th by astro
Facebook Chat for Nintendo DSi
Started: Oct. 26th by Cartiga
Last post: Nov. 17th by ChampionLeake
super mario 64 ds (24)
Started: Jun. 08th by markeese
Last post: Sept. 04th by ChampionLeake
Porque no puedo comprar un mejor juego (8)
Started: Jul. 06th by vegette777
Last post: Sept. 04th by ChampionLeake
How to get more point to buy stuff on 3dsplaza? (5)
Started: Aug. 02th by Marti
Last post: Aug. 27th by munch
how can i put a Profile picture for 3dsplaza? (2)
Started: Aug. 03th by Marti
Last post: Aug. 24th by Naira
Poner una foto de portada (9)
Started: Jul. 07th by vegette777
Last post: Aug. 18th by Marti
say what!? (2)
Started: Aug. 05th by rissaboo
Last post: Aug. 08th by ChampionLeake
Let´s talk about music!(Dsi) (2)
Started: Aug. 01th by Marti
Last post: Aug. 01th by MarioErmando
Photo of background. (2)
Started: Jul. 13th by vegette777
Last post: Jul. 13th by ChampionLeake
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