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Sorry I can't realy get on a lot I've been very busy

My snapchat is thatcute_misfit

My Kik is so_mindlessheart just make sure to tell me who U r

My insta jaley_baby
And my Twitter is sheso_cute

Name : Jalesha

Age : 16

Birthday : May 12

Fav color : purple

Fav song : august Alsina you deserve

I'm realy cool and fun .im extra friendly and I'm loud and proud lol

Happy [xxxx]
Sad []
Mad []
Crushing [xx]
Taken []
Single [xxxx]

I'm cool never lame
I'm very smart
I'm a Texas girl

If u wanna see me u can follow me on insta and twitter !!!
Pm me for it

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4656-6009-5018

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