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Hardships have its rewards.

About my whereabouts show

I stated that I would do "short visits" to the website but I've never pledged that I fully return to 3DSPlaza (As in coming/logging on a daily base.) nor that did I ever stated of my leaving, I'll continue appearing randomly. Just know you'll see inactivity from me after doing my "little visits". This is just a profile spoiler telling about my whereabouts, not that you might care.

My discovery of 3DSPlaza show
I've never thought about anything the days I've discovered 3DSPlaza, no life goals, career goals, nothing at all. It's expected anyways for someone in junior high with no future lead on life.

I played soccer in junior high because I was just bored of going to school only. I stopped playing after entering high school as a freshman, now I just focused on passing classes all through out senior year. Going back to junior high, my parents bought me the Original Aqua Blue 3DS back when it was $300+, keep in mind I didn't owned no smartphones, tablets, or laptops. I did owned several consoles.

My parents did have an internet router with a computer in the Master bedroom, but I was dumb enough not to know what 'internet/Wi-Fi' was. All I ever did when I was at home was watch T.V. (Which the 2011 Influenza Virus outbreak was a big case) cartoons or bust out with that cheap MP3 Player and sleep.

After unboxing the 3DS and setting it up, it asked for Internet Access and I was curious about so I showed my parents and my dad overlook it and typed something (which was the password) and said 'Connected'.

I was stunned about the 3DS of having 3-D viewing without glasses. I did have have some DS games laying around and played, later I overlooked the Web Browser. Which tried to entertain my self with videos. So what popular streaming was that showed up in top? Youtube but it said "No Adobe Support" which I was disappointed and tried to find an alternative site, I discovered DSiTube (which later I find it's nothing more that just moving pictures called Animated Gifs.)

I saw the animated gifs that didn't have no sound whatsoever and the one I saw the most was the penguin walking down and the other penguin pushing to the water. I got bored and saw that DSiTube was part of Home4DSi and brought myself to the chat. Time passed and discovered a link on Home4DSi that lead to which was the successor of Home4DSi, I didn't knew who owned both the sites until I saw it was Robdeprop.

I state about more about me in plaza in the questions spoiler, but if the Original 3DS did infact supported watching Youtube and videos like the "New Nintendo 3DS or (XL)". I would've never discovered Home4DSi and 3DSPlaza.

My expression on 3DSPlaza. show
3DSPlaza has been on a ''empty'' state recently, why? What happened to the big 3DSPlaza that has became Home4DSI's successor? What has happened to 3DSPlaza that stood against other self-promoted 3DS websites?
So what's a Plaza? something like this?

Where people gather in a wide open center?
So what's a 3DS?

3DSPlaza is a website within among other countless websites in the internet. I see 3DSPlaza as an amusement park that can't get attraction anymore and lost their appeal, a rural town that nobody cares about and doesn't have much traffic, a mall that lost its major anchor stores and lost foot traffic.

All of this look like something that are doomed to fail and vanish slowly, right? This is how I see 3DSPlaza as of now (July 2017). Since the coming end of 2016 and early 2017, 3DSPlaza that stood with almost 35+ users on single chatroom alone every other day has lost its appeal completely recently, why? Where did 3DSPlaza's oldest user have gone too? I will tell this in my point-of-view whom has gone atleast through it all to be a witness to tell a tale.

As far as I remember, 3DSPlaza had big dramas that would be forgotten within month or two, dramas although boosted the website but not in a good intentional morality. Sometimes a user would reference certain dramas that would later turn to an hour long discussions. Even though 3DSPlaza has made any ordinary kid teen lay among the anti-socials of the internet who would sit back quietly staring at there computer monitor screen, smartphone screen, and Nintendo 3DS/DSI's browser screen while their siblings would tell them to come out and play and I without a doubt was one of them.

Did 3DSPlaza's fallout recently has made these isolated kids open their door back to society again?, who knows. 3DSPlaza has fallen through alot of design changes, "fresh restarts", and user that joined in categories, you would have your moderators, gamers, rebels, chatters, roleplayers, forum users, newbies, and alot others have I haven't covered.

So the question is, where did all of this daily base users have gone too? I could say they were on the verge of high school graduation, college/university/academy enrollment, applying for a job, or they just have to deal with life. They could surprisingly even perhaps have gotten themselves girlfriends/boyfriends. Alot of reasons could be that has forcefully put them back to social society, where they belong anyways.

I am sure that having going through all of this that 3DSPlaza isn't in their radar anymore. I still remember users denied of having social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. I am sure that without a doubt these users who denied having a social media have one now. Another reason I think 3DSPlaza lost its appeal it's because the Nintendo 3DS Console which the website obviously appealed to is starting to grow old of a console now and thay can't be denied with the coming of the new Nintendo Switch.

Robdeprop could come up with something ridiculous as with chatroom and forums and everything as 3DSPlaza but I highly doubt it would create a heavy struck impact like 3DSPlaza did and Robdeprop is busy with his life aswell, so let's leave him at that.

Nintendo themselves said the Nintendo 3DS and Switch would run along side to side, but I think Nintendo is secretly eradicating and removing the Nintendo 3DS's spotlight slowly and giving all the spotlight to the Nintendo Switch.

Back to track, I've seen that 3DSPlaza has a different user registration system, whatever you call it. In which a newbie would have to wait out acceptance to gain entrance and step back alternative accounts.

In my opinion, a newbie would register to 3DSPlaza and only to see that they have to wait out acceptance in which they would go do something else like surface the internet and forget completely about why they stop by 3DSPlaza within the following days, in which this system is killing the website slowly.

Sometimes I see myself stopping by 3DSPlaza as someone who would walk in to a thrift store trying find remnants of the past, in which I would never find.

Something else that I really haven't told anyone while I used 3DSPlaza as a way to chat to strangers on the internet on the times I was fairly active was that I was in the midst of depression, but not the type of sadness, maybe it is because I was lazy and didn't have no job and was pretty much an anti-social. I kept my room clean although, sometimes the only sound I've ever heard around that time was the A/C unit and the sound of keyboard pressing.

Even for what I was going through, I kept logging daily to 3DSPlaza without fail to check upon what kind of trends the 3dsplazians were going at it this time, sometimes I remember 3DSPlaza's dramas were the most stupidest to foresee.

The privileges of moderatorship was (and probably still is) one the biggest drama causes for the entirety of the 3DSPlaza community. The admins of 3DSPlaza which were Robdeprop (3DSPlaza's creator) with assistantance of SomeLuigi, both experienced programmmers which they have renovated 3DSPlaza through alot of phases and fresh starts.

Nowadays Robdeprop is busy forming up his life and phasing out his injury which brought a start to 3DSPlaza and SomeLuigi is doing who knows what.

Therefore Community Managers (CMs) were integrated to act out as a "community role model" but their restricted to only giving out modship privileges to hand pick users or take it from them and be a community leader, but they can't edit the websites codings.

Sometimes users would have privileges of modship to keep the rules in check in which other standard users either would either beg for it or others would brag about how they should be one and would give their reasoning on how their worthy of it.

To be honest, even if users had privileges, they weren't automatically better than anyone else in the community because their task was to only keep the websites rules in check and that's about it, just like in reality nobody even government officials are above the law.

Times changed and in simple terms, 3DSPlaza's oldest of users have outgrown to not care about 3DSPlaza and their are busy with life and to newbies see 3DSPlaza as some irrelevant website and continue on, in which it has damaged the website I say. Even I as typing this will post this in my profile, thinking might aswell in a surprisingly factor feel that in which I doubt anyone would stop by my profile read this anyway.

So what has made me come back to 3DSPlaza that made me type everything above? It's because I stumbled upon few screenshots of 3DSPlaza that were saved in to my "cloud storage app" on my phone which made me remember about 3DSPlaza like a flashback of the past.

Even I don't have time or care for 3DSPlaza anymore because I'm a recent college graduate that sucessfully completed his studies and training for Culinary Arts and Food Service which has gotten me a decent job at a restaurant with a good health inspection rating, even when I have days of work I prefer resting, lay back in my couch and watch shows, YouTube, listen to music, or surface social medias and sleep.

There's another spoiler that it's "My discovery of 3DSPlaza" is like the same as this one but it focuses on my arrival to 3DSPlaza primarly obviously.

(Typed on Monday, July 31st of 2017 8:10PM Central Time by 3DSPlaza's user AlphaTrion.)

My current 3DS HOME Menu show

Screenshot taken on a

Questions about me (All Answered.) show

----"What are your thoughts in Video Game Localization?"----
(Really, just don't ask me that or even address the issue with Video Game Localization with me, because even if I own Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest or any game with the following. (I know Skinship has been removed/changed from the American ver. of Fire Emblem Fates), I really have no care about of what other people called it "Skinship" towards your "in game wife" and so as petting, because it's utterly unexplainable.)
If you don't know what Skinship is, click here.
Video game localization Wiki.

----"Can you add me in the 3DS?"----
(Idk, that depends if I know you well.)

----"What's your name?"----
(Half of people/users already call me "Emanuel" because I told them in the past (2012-2014), but if they feel best replying to me with that then I should let them, but just 'them'.

----"How old are you?"----
(Since I lost interest to this site itself somewhere in 2014-15 and right now in the "present" I do my short visits to this site so I'll lead to this question's response, No, I'm not going to say/reveal my exact current age/how old I am ..yeah)

----"Where you got your icon?"----
(A question best not asked to me at all, but it was put in my username whenever I appear in the chats...the one who requested to me have the icon was "PokeCat" who requested SomeLuigi to put it there.....and yes, I know there was an Christmas Icon present thing idk when and later users lost there icons except some people luckily kept there icons...I both had a "Decepticon icon and Thor's hammer/Mjolnir" in my username but my decepticon icon dissappeared and now I only have Thor's hammer/Mjolnir icon.....a question you might asked, yes I do watch Marvel's Cinematic Universe Films/Shows.

----"Can I see a pic of you?"----
(No I won't show a pic of myself or ever will, and it's not because I'm unattractive or anything but for secure identification measures if you/anyone runs across me I.R.L and expose me or say 'Hey, I know you!')

----"Who are you?"----
(This question will mostly be asked directly at me for people/users who joined 3DSPlaza Mid 2015, Late 2015, and Early 2016, Late 2016, Early 2017 and so fourth, I'm a user who was active towards Early 2013 till Mid 2014 and has become quite unactive Late 2014, Early, Mid, and Late 2015. So I'm expected not to be known to the current users/community.)

I apologize for having everything in spoilers but I'm trying to keep my profile's "lag" to a minimum.

New Nintendo 3DS (XL) Feature show

OH! Not only can can you just watch YouTube via Computer/Tablet/Smartphone, etc. Now you can finally watch YouTube via the Web Browser of the

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5215-3584-2360

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