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My name's Damien, I'm 16, and I'm bisexual. I get depressed really easily and it really sucks, so please don't put me down. I have disparnumerophobia (A fear of odd numbers.) and if you want to know the story, I have another spoiler down at the bottom of my profile. I'm freakishly tall at 6' 8'' and 220 lbs. If you don't believe me, I don't really care. Well, if you want to know anything else about me, you can comment on my profile or PM me.
Chat websites I go on. show I use SN frequently. Username: Celadus
3DS Plaza- I rarely use Plaza, unless I'm banned from SocialNeko. Username: Celadus (Obviously.)
Home4DSi- I use to use it a lot, but I never use it anymore. Username: whatdidusay
DSiPad- I've only used it once. Username: whatdidusay (I think?)
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Lol I don't go on this site very often so I really don't have any friends.]
[cspoler=Story about my phobia.]If you haven't read yet, I have disparnumerophobia (Better known as the fear of odd numbers. If anybody has known. Lol.) and it started when I was 11. I was walking down a road on 05/01/09 (All odd.) and a crazy man came in his car and hit me. I woke up from a coma 4 months later on 09/19 and all of this being odd numbered scared me, a lot. So yeah. [/cspoiler]

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1693-4063-2612

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