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My Name Is Angel

I Am A 20 Year old Guy

I'm on Discord nowadays.
Reach me with this Discord tag. CobaltSeraph#9995

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NEW! Icons:

i'll set A NEW! Icon For New RP Characters, There Are 3 Types.

NEW! Means Made By Me
NEW! Means Made By A Result Of Something
NEW! Means Directly From A Certain Series Of TV, Videogames, Etc.


Crimson Espeon:
Spoiler: show
A Crimson Red Espeon, Very Calm And Playful.

Eye Color: Green

Likes: Good Friends.

Hates: Being Ignored, Eating Meat & Being Abandoned.

Helping Hand

Warning: Feels Ahead...

Last Words (if he ever died by someone): Why...Would You...Urk...But...Why...My...Family...*last breath*
(tears were shedded)

Ara (abra)
Spoiler: show

A Female Shiny Abra.

Likes: Sleeping, Training And Time Traveling.

Dislikes: Being Disturbed While Asleep.

Fun Fact: She Can Change Into An Anthropomorphic Version Of Herself And She's Known For Being EXTREMELY Ticklish.

Best Phrase: ...Zzz

Enigma The Unknown Dragoness
Spoiler: show

A Female Dragoness That Suffers Through Amnesia and is defenseless.

Age: 97 (sounds 14)

Scale Color: White

Eye Color: Gray

Abilities: Flying (she forgot how to do so), Swimming, Flaming, Freezing and Venomous Breath, Camouflage and Burrowing.

Likes: Making Friends, Swimming, Plants and Meat.

Dislikes: Being Attacked, Others Fighting, Being Abandoned and Mean People.

Best Phrase: Know Your Place...

Sableye Couple
Spoiler: show


Eye Color: Heterochromia (right) Red (left) Lime.

Fur Color: Normal Sableye Purple.


Likes: Taking Things From Others And Claming It Hers

Dislikes: Bribers.

Fun Fact: She's A Kleptomaniac.

Best Quote: MINE!


Eye Color: Garnet Red.

Fur Color: White.


Likes: Nothing...But Ruby.

Dislikes: Everything...But Ruby.

Fun Fact: He's Very Negative and Has Mated With Ruby.

Best Quote: ... (garnet being himself)

Lief The Green Mew
Spoiler: show

A Playful And Curious Mew That Was Born With a Genetic Alteration, Giving Her Lime Green Fur.

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Pink

Likes: Playing With Others, Tickling Others, Getting Tickled, Starf Berries and Playing Hide-and-seek.

Dislikes: Mean People.

Fun Fact: Her Fur Is Incredibly Soft.

Blue The Blue Eyes, White Dragon
Spoiler: show

A Blue Eyes, White Dragon That Lives It's Life Outside Of The Card, Blue's Fun Loving And Friendly In Both Forms.

Gender: Unknown.

Likes: Every Single Kind Of Affectionate Act.

Dislikes: Red Eyes, Black Dragons.

Spoiler: show

A Girl In a Green Hooded Robe and a Blank Mask With 3 Pitch Black Holes, She's Very Dangerous Toward Her Enemies and Is Very Defending With Her Allies, Get On Her Bad Side, Get a Hole In Your Head.

Hair Color: Cinnamon.

Eye Color: Unknown

Age: 28

Likes: Pretzels, Collecting Masks, Polishing Her 2 Revolvers, Making Bullets, Bounty and Executions.

Dislikes: Total Idiots, C0cksure People, Running Out Of Bullets and People Removing Her Mask.

NEW!Zantha The Anthro Dragonfly.
Spoiler: show

A Friendly, And Optimistic Anthropomorphic Dragonfly, She's Companion Of Arc And Enigma

Appearance: She's As Tall and Fit as a Normal Teenage Girl, She Wears A Teal Scarf Around Her Neck, A Long Green Waistcloth, A Pair of Sandals, A Long Tail, A Yellow Segmented Underbody, 4 Wings, 3 Fingered Hands, 2 Toed Feet Which Are All Clawed, Sharp Fangs and Short Greenish Silver Hair

Eye Color: Green and Blue Pupils And Irises

Likes: Fruit, Lakes and Her Dragon Companions.

Dislikes: Being Stepped On

How Much Do You Know About Me?
Spoiler: show

My Adorable Group Of Oshawotts!
Spoiler: show
Z0RUA - The First Of My Oshawotts, Very Kind and Cute, But Pretty Easily annoyed.

LolStarr - The Most Playful and Happy of Them All, She Loves To Be Interacted With.

lainele - A Shy and Caring Oshawott, One To Trust.

Want To Become Part Of The Group of Oshawotts? Let Me Know And I'll Add You Onto The List!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2852-8459-5409

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