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Heyo everybody and welcome to my profile!
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Warrior cats show
Flarekit: An orphaned kit from Eclipselan. He has a kittypet twin named Waterkit. When he runs he looks like fire. He bears a glowing crystal bracelet, which glows close to EclipseClan camp.

Fantasy show
Dylan: An orphaned teen. His parents died when he was 4. He is a shapeshifter. He can turn invisible for a few seconds.

Other show
David is a bird kid who has wings. He can burn bright with flames. He is good with a sword and is for hire. He is still developing his powers.

Other things..
Fav. Songs show
Demons-Imagine Dragons, Some Nights-Fun, Cups-Anna Kendric, Get Lucky-(I forgot), Radioactive-Imagine Dragons, Blurred Lines-(Why can't I remember names!?!?!), And millions more i can't remeber!

Best friends. show
PrincessMia1, GoldenStar, Deshawn20027,Walmart.

Fav. Foods show

PIZZA!!! Flatbread, Ice cream, Cheese, Cheesecake, others.

Hater(s) show
(be sure to throw your self on if you hate!) Nin10dodude

Fav. Books (yes I am a nerd) show
Maximum Ride, Unfortunete Events, Rangers Apprentice, Warriors, Harry Potter, And lots of others

Pet peeves show

1. When I get something, and it gets outdated in like 3 weeks.
2. Dog poo everywhere.(someone left poo in our yard!!!)
3.When a game goes wrong and it ends up killing you.
4. When someone blames you for something and finds out they did it *cough cough(mom)*
5. The smell of cows. (bath anyone?)
6. Writing projects. (the last one got turned in 2 months late.)
7. Neighbors hosting loud parties at night. (seriously, im trying to sleep.)
8. Horror pop-up videos/games. And others!

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