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Love Dragon ball (z,gt,kai), SOAD, Trigun...... B-) Ghost stories(anime), Red Hot Chilly Peppers, The Police and Donyatsu... ^.,.^
(More will be added soon!!)
Spoiler: show
Crap, this took forever!! But i am happy

Animes show
I love Dragon ball(z,gt,kai) I love Ghost Stories, Donyatsu(frickin donut cats), Hellsing and Trigun

Bands show
I like; SOAD, The Police, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, The Black Keys, Queen, Billy Joel, Foster the People, Pearl Jam, Offspring, etc-ish...

Konchra show
Name:Konchra, Age:17-18, Race: Saiyan, Apperance:Hair like Raditz, has a face like super saiyan 4 Vegeta, uses tail as belt, muscular, has a scar on the left of his stomach from being impaled when he was 6-7, Backstory:Lived on a farm, has an older sister.

Georgio show
Name:Georgio, Age:21, Race:Human/cat, Apperance:Yellow/blond hair, orange fur, has a purple/blue eye and a red/yellow eye, cat teeth, cat nails, cat tail and ears, Backstory:He is a psycotic murderer, when he was in grade 6, he witnessed the death of his parents, the murderer saw young Georgio and felt sheer horror that he killed his parents. He gave Georgio all his money, he became depressed afterwords so(the police didn't care that his parents were killed), when Georgio was 16, he ran into the neighbours house injecting an un-known fluid in his arm and ran away. In the morning, he looked at a puddle and saw himself as a cat person, and from then on, he has been hidding in the shadows, looking for a person to care for him...

Zazbarg show
Name:Zazbarg or Christopher, Age:17 or 1700, Race:Vampire/guardian, Apperance:White/blond hair, red eyes(cat pupil when he is in killer vampire mode), has pale skin, has vampire teeth, has black angel/demon tatoo on his back, has black angel/demon wings that grow from his back,(Anime type of vampire/Hellsing style), Backstory:When he was seen in his town with his wings, they gave him the tatoo. When he tastes blood,(he is like the Hellsing vampires), he goes crazy/blood thirsty(killer vampire mode). He likes beef(beef pie), the Red Hot Chilly Peppers. He has black angel/demon wings from; Demon: From being a vampire. Angel: From being a gardian. He was also born on Christmas,

Valicity show
Name:Valicity, Age:15-16+, Race:Human, Apperance: She has medium length brunet/blond hair, brown/hazel eyes, thin brass rim glasses(steampunk style), top hat, victorian/steampunk jacket with pocket watch, fancy steampunk style walking stick/cane(with out curve, fancy metal nub at top),(she looks like the anime style in Trigun), Backstory: She grew up in a Victorian/Steampunk style town, loves brass, loves to make steampunk robots, suits, creatures. She has a pet steampunk robot T-Rex named Corkscrew, loves steam locomotives. She is very strong in personality(some cases in rp, she may be a vampire), met Vash the stampede from Trigun and facinated with his gun, she is also good friends with him too!

Extra OC info show
All of these characters (except Konchra and Georgio, sometimes Zazbarg) are demon hunters, kinda!! (Zazbarg and vampire Valicity are like the Hellsing vampires), Just thought i would be sweet to let you know this extra info!!^-,-^<mew!)
Kairo/Kairos show
Name:Kairo/Kairos. Gender:male. Age:16+ Apperance: Has sorta long shaggy hair (very dark green in colour) red eyes, 3 spots/markings down his cheeks, (black cat ears+tail in fantasy) wears Grey head phones (NOT earbuds). Backstory: Doesn't really have one. Likes Nirvana and Offspring. Has a kind of split personality, Normal and h*rny... When normal he is relaxed, irate or any other such feeling. When h*rny, he's very awkward. He always wants Masterb****, when he's h*rny only.

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