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Joined:May 2011..uh I mean 7 January 2013.. It`s me Atomiccasks69. I am back new 3ds, and all... Again (oops, I don't use my 3DS)
ehh here's a pic of me
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Anywho, I'm kinda an old user, but oh well.

Birthday: 21 May 2001 - I'm fifteen.
Relationship status: 我心有所屬 jk weeaboos can die
First name: Shady. Although, I'd prefer if you guys would call me Shea, but Dreo's definitely fine.
Country: Australia
State: Queensland
Skype: dreo_12
Kik: dreo12
Steam: WolvenLies Teh Scrub
Email: ( | )
Gamecenter: dreo_12 | But who uses GameCenter?
XboxLive Gamertag: WolvenLies
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Gender/sex: Male

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