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Why live when there is nothing to live for?

"When oblivion is calling out your name, you always take it further than I ever can." -Oblivion

"What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor cuz he's hungry? And the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money." -What Would You Do

"Icarus is flying too close to the son. And Icarus' life it has only just begun." -Icarus

"We have stained these walls with our mistakes and flaws." -These Streets

"All of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one. Look at the wonderful mess we made we'd pick ourselfs undone." -Flaws

"I can't say the words out loud so in a rhyme I wrote you down. Now you'll live through the ages, I can feel your pulse through the pages." -Poet (Part 1)

"I've written you down now, you will live forever. And the whole world will read you, you will live forever. In eyes not yet created, on tongues that are not born. I've written you down now, you will live forever." -Poet (Part 2)

"We are the last people standing at the end of the night. We are the bravest pretenders in the cold morning light. This is just another night and we've had many of them. In the morning we're cast out but I know we'll land here again." -Get Home

"Snakes are biting at our heels, the worries that refuse to let us go. I've been keeping them away, hoping not to let them take control."

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