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Hello my name is Tohru Honda. I have been living in a tent for a while until one of my classmates named Prince Yuki Sohma Found out that I was living there so he invited me to stay at his house with Kyo Sohma and Shugurai Sohma. Then I found out that they had a Sohma family secret that when their body is in a deal of stress or they are huged by the member of the oppised sex the transformed into the 12 animals of the Chainees zodiac.
This is me!!:
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Carlitos: Bestfriend I ever had. You are so nice and funny! !! Friend him!
Munchy5564: Your the funniest guy I have ever met!!! Friend him!
Jenny14:Girl your awesome pretty NICE!!Friend her!
Loser4life:Your not really a loser your a great friend!Friend her!
Blaze: Dude your funny and a great friend!Friend him!
Happyflame:Your really nice and pretty! Friend her!
AshleyCx:Girl how are you doing? She's so pretty nice!Friend her!
Zieboy: Dude no words.... JK!! Friend him!!!
Jayed123: Girl she LOVES Fruits Basket as much as me!!! Friend her!
If I missed anyone pm me!-Love, Tohru Honda (me)

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A rice ball in a Fruits Basket.

I have to choose Yuki Sohma or Kyo Sohma.
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Yuki Sohma

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Kyo Sohma

Comment wich one is the best and wich one you picked

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Click HERE!!!!

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