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Ok let's real talk.
6-7 years ago (I can't remember exactly how long ago) I started my wonderful journey on Home4DSi... how many remember that? Many friends were made.
Then I found 3DS Plaza. Best thing to happen to me while owning my 3DS. I can't believe all of that is so long ago... all the friends made and lost. It's a very sad thing to me to see how dead this website has become. My wish is to see it resurrected or reinstated with newer Nintendo devices. I still feel Nintendo should have worked with Rob in making this an official 3DS feature... it was amazing.

If any of you out there remember, I was originally Darkfire. Don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

PlayStation Network: FrumpyPants
Steam: FrumpyPants (best bet is Steam or my email)
Origin: FrumpyPants
Battlenet (Blizzard Launcher): FrumpyPants (DESTINY 2 PC-- October 24, 2017)

Please any of you out there.. Contact me. Love you guys and love this site. May 3DSP live on.
-Andrew~ (FrumpyPants)

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4296-4317-6887

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