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First its me in the left of my picture , im single , love mac and cheese also Watermelon and strawberries mostly anyfruit , I love funny humorous guys , I love pink and yellow and diyed bikinis. Live in California love fam and all 11 friend in real life. And if anyone one gets in a dumb fight with me it would be your fualt , unless its mine I will say sorry and if you are under age to be on here I dont care and if you are under my age a year or few years and call me a noob i will dismiss you at a point becuase this is a new acc i been here years different acc , and you would be the noob physicaly and mentaly on this earth to me , so get to know me befor any judgement lol becuase im very nice bored sometimes so i go on here , and if you insult me then your going down on yourself becuase you dont have a life . Quotes: Whenyou judge you mess up yourself. :if your gonna judge make sure your shoes are higher.

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