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Twitter:@kerloolz penguins
Instagram: sionarysepau.jap_honey47
Snapchat: dakaben.warble
ill only add if your friends!!!
I wish i could change my username.My name is Karla Hernandez. I am also a straight A student, but that doesnt get in the way of my gaming life and friends and the otaku life and music.
Fav.Food: Salmon!!!!
Fav Anime: Hajimete No Gal, Nisekoi, Soul Eater, Naruto Shippuden, Horimiya, Bleach (Thats just my favorites!!!)
Race :Mexican-American.I was born here in the U.S.
Language: (Spanish-duh) French, Korean, German, Japanese(Both Hiragana and Katakana), Chinese(Kanji-used in Korean and Japanese also), & Swedish. Obviously i speak mostly English,
Fav.Game:Bleach Brave Souls
Fav.Place:UK and Japan!!!
Fav. Drink: MOUNTAIN DEW and Monster!!!
Fav.Animal: Penguins!!!
Fav. Genre of Music:Rock ("emo"!!!!! Panic! At The Disco,Twenty Øne Piløts, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance,
(I also like BTS)

Other things:
• I get along with guys more than i get along with girls.
• Anime is awesome!!! Tite Kubo is a genius!!!
• I know how to draw manga
• I learn languages on my own (not in school)
• Ruben Diaz Carlos is my best friend and boyfriend and his kawaii face impression is the best :lol:
• My Birthday is December 13, 2002

Favorite People (no ofense):
-Aaron : Hes been a REALLY good friend. Hes my best friend and brother. Hes always been their for me. Hes my gaming homie. First person in My Gaming Squad
David(Joby): he is like my best friend. I can tell him anything, and he can tell me anything. He is so trustworthy. He is the most recent member of the GS. He is an MLG. He has Swag and hes a really chill guy.He introduced me to Soul Eater . He's my Buddy Chum Pal
Ruben Diaz (Sepau): Hes my Best Friend Hes REALLY funny and incredibly perfect. He is the only person i know who is practicly a guy version of me! We are so alike!!! He like green and black, likes anime, likes dubstep, and is a gamer,.... thats all me man! We started dating December 19, 2016 and we are having a perfect relationship <3
Ashley Tran (Sardine): She was with me in my school's DC Trip and we had Sooooooo much fun!
Random Quote: "What If I didn't fold the toilet paper? Something like that could ruin my life forever. I can't be defeated by toilet paper, if I turn my back on this I shouldn't be allowed to live anymore."
-Death The Kid


Me show
Thats it i guess...

Quotes By Friends show
• Words are Myths, but combined letters are not...(me and Drake)
•Zero equals... a big 'ol goose egg!!!(Mr. Lee)
•Better is better than best, and Best is better than better(Jacky and Me)
•I was like 'ha ha' (Joby)
•Its common sense (Drake)
•Kawaī face!!! (Drake)

Don't forget to contact me on my social media!!! (see beginning)

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