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(For those who don't have enough time to read all of the more important stuph.)
Height: 7"6'
Weight: 256lbs
Build: Heavy/Muscular
Species: Reptilian Humanoid
Short Info: Anti-Hydra is a psychotic reptilian scientist that usually is in a serious mood. Or may have nothing to do.

Anti-Hydra is a 31 year old reptillian scientist. He has a generally adrenaline-filled personality, as he can be pretty excited at times. He has psychological problems, which renders him dangerous around humans. Despite that, he will not harm reptiles, unless he's either drunk or he has the corruption. He's the leader of T.O.E, and he owns a large military base on the other side of a large mountain range, through a 50 mile long tunnel.

Anti-Hydra generally is one of those kinds of people that doesn't talk a lot, but when he does, he's usually either shouting, or speaking loudly. He's generally quite an aggressive being, as he can easily be offended. He used to challenge people to fights a lot, but he underestimated many people, and ended up defeated mostly every time. He has since improved his Cyclops Armor to be able to turn invisible, and nearly completely bulletproof and fireproof. His newest weapon, the SJ2000M, is the strongest weapon he made, firing white-hot projectiles at over 2000 miles per hour, hence the '2000M'. The full name of the weapon is 'Super Javelin 2000 Miles'.

When he was about 29 years old, he was much more different. He was about 5"11', and was pretty much a scrawny argonian. But then he started to challenge people to fights, and lost every time. But then he discovered the power of some of the local plants in the area. It was a type of root that gave power to whoever ingested it. He became a chemical scientist through errors, and he got so into it, he started testing on kidnapped humans and his closest friends, either melting them or turning them into reptiles through experimentation. He soon produced a very powerful serum, through which he became what he is today. The aggressiveness is the result of the times he has experimented, along with multiple accounts of murder and stalking people, often ending up killing them or kidnapping them, often during broad daylight.

One thing that is the worst about him, though, is that he is infected with the Corruption. The Corruption is a disease that cannot be cured through any means, and is dangerous because it affects the individual in such a way that they kill the first living thing that moves. It is caused by the very plant that gives power, and is very hard not to get when using the plant. It is not very contagious, but others can be affected if bitten by the affected individual, and that is the only way. The symptoms aren't prominent, as there are none when the Corruption is dormant. There are times when the corruption does suddenly come up. Signs of when corruption come up are insanity, glowing red eyes, increased aggressiveness, massively increased strength, and little to no rational thought. Symptoms of full corruption include pain, forced transformations, and extreme power. Once the corruption seems to be over, it isn't. Corruption is an incurable disease that lingers in the host until death. Each time corruption comes back, it comes back stronger and more aggressive, decreasing the chance for resisting the affects.

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