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Salutations fellow internet bottom feeders!
As my name implies I roleplay. Check below for characters. Also an rp try out that Rp I've got set up down in the forum!

Xela Farfouk show

Xela Farfouk is a female dragoness like humanoid with fair blue scales over her body. Over her stomach however there is a soft baby blue over her stomach. She has 4 useless stubby light orange horns perpendicular to eachother on side of the back of her head

Amber Wolfe show

I Amber Wolfe I
Species: Terrian Wolf!
Eye color:Amber
Paw pad color: Pink
Weight: 156lb
Fur color(s): Silver,Brown,Black
Tail size: 1/4th of a yard.
Cup size: C

Description: The 2nd child of an unknown high entity delivered into the forest as a goddess for wolves (backstory will depend heavily on rp).

Appearance: The fur color of her belly is silver where it trails under her arms under the legs all the way to the chin and creates a heart design on the tushie out of the silver fur.Otherwise she is completely dormant with brown Exept for the fallowing tips ears,tail,paws, fingers. There isn't a hard color transition where brown and silver meet there is a black line around an inch thick.Where eyebrows should be there are a singular black dot with a circumference of:1.23in

Likes: Mocha's,Dog treats,Belly rubs (depending on mood), Soft alcohol such as fizz's.

For an Rp you'd might like to try out with me check the rp forums at /thd 81171

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3825-9680-2625

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