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Hi dere. My name is Ezra. I love to play video games and I really
like Sonic and Pokemon. (DON'T RANDOM PM ME PLEASE)
Mai best friends (from SocialNeko) show

You've literally been one of my best friends ever since I got here/ H4D! We have alot in common and I hope we'll be friends for a long time!
My best friend here and IRL. We have so much in common and you're one of the few people who understands me! (Also Japan is epic! dB )
A really nice guy to hang out with! We have tons in common and I hope we stay friends forever!
We don't talk much, but I think you're a really good friend!

A friend of mine so great it's hard to have words to describe it. We have so much in common it almost scares me. o-o... I hope we stay friends for a long time!
A really good friend of mine. We have alot in common and make each other laugh. I hope we stay friends for a long time!
Ok, I'll just say it right now: this girl is my first friend in chats period, and she's one of my best. We have so much in common (though I guess we fought over a girl at one time (She's bi apparently) but she's out of my life so oh well.) I really hope we stay friends for a long time!

Inferno Le Hedgehog show
(Credit goes to Timmy-Gee on Deviantart)
Leader of Team Sol
Flora's Boyfriend
{Pre-Havok Attitude}
Not willing
Big temper
Practically insane with hate
Took offense to every insult

{Post-Havok Attitude}
Mainly happy and silly
Has a slight temper
Fair; hates unfair advantages
Rival/Best Friends with Axel,Umbra and Tsunami
Trusts Burly the Albatross more than anyone
Power over fire
Mainly fights with a sword
Weaknesses: Cold water,iness, limited energy

Sol's Flame show
Inferno's sword. Bound to him, it cannot be taken from him. If one tries, the sword will simply fly back to him. It holds ancient magic powerful enough to cut through multiple layers of titanium effortlessly. However, this drains Inferno, which is why he only slightly uses it during battle. What it's made of is unknown, almost alien. All they know that it's an ancient metal that's long gone. It's blade is about 3 feet long, and 5 inches wide. The hilt is 1 foot long, which makes it easy for one to grip with one hand.

Axel Concept show

Golden fur
Blue eyes
White Lab coat
Speaks with a Russian accent
The Smart One in Team Sol
Mainly silly, jokes around a lot.
IQ Of 200
Electrical powers
Fights with a Scythe

Umbra Concept show

Pitch-Black fur
Red eyes
Purple markings on his fur
2nd-In-Command of Team Sol
Mainly serious
Power over darkness
Wears a purple training suit similar to Goku

Sarah concept show

Fennec Fox
Dark Blonde fur
Long Black hair
Purple eyes
Wears boots, jeans, and a tank top
Umbra's Girlfriend
Nice, Funny
Cares for her friend's safety
Doesn't like Tsunami too much...
Fights with a staff/martial arts
Healing powers

Burly concept show

Upper body has black feathers
Lower body has brown feathers
Blue eyes
Wears Blacksmith apron, boots, and fire resisted gloves
Inferno's best friend
Calm and collected, even in battle
Fights with big hammers
Barely stronger than Knuckles, due to his work in the forges.

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