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My little brother is pumpedAA12 and my big brother doesn't quite go to Plaza.
About ME
My name is Jason, and I live in Florida. I have sort of grey eyes, it depends on the lighting. I've got a serious problem called celiacs disease, which is sort of like a huge gluten allergy, so I can't eat bread. I like Deadpool. I like playing Games, making friends, and I LOVE music. As for attitude, I'm still trying to figure out whether I want to play the disrespected hero or the hard-ass who keeps his distance, but hey, I'm tested negative for cancer. What else is there to know?

Kira show
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Kira is my most played character as of lately, so as it stands he is my main OC.
Introduction: Kira is a superhuman cursed with the ability to paralyze any whom he touch. If he is to hold onto them for too long, they can be put into a coma, or even die. The amount of time a person can touch him depends on the person. Because of so, he tends to wear a set of black gloves, and is paranoid of people touching his face. He got these powers when he saw a strange girl in the forest. Upon closer inspection, she had tails, 9 tails of white fur, and dog-like ears ontop of her head. She granted him a wish, and he wished for a power nobody else had. In return he got a gift, and a curse, his own Midas' touch.
Age: Looks to be around 17-19.
Weapon of choice: Pistols, and he likes using two at once. He also enjoys knives, the more intricate, the better. If those aren't available, anything works, and I mean ANYTHING.
Occupation: TOP-SECRET.
Alignment: Mostly good.
"Don't make me do something you won't have time to regret. For both of our sakes."

Jester show

This tab may contain some information some may feel uncomfortable with, such as something that may go against a certain religion. Please remember that this is a fictional character and I just thought it would be a fun idea.

Introduction: Jester is a cyborg demon antihero, bent on causing a little chaos while helping those in need. He heals ridiculously quickly. He has above average senses. He uses a large arsenal of weapons and gadgets to help him when in need.
Age: Looks to be around 13.
Weapon of choice: Kusarigama, or simply a pair of chained sickles.
Occupation: Grocery Store Clerk.
Alignment: Neutral.
"Welcome to my world. Err, more accurately, dimension."

Revenant show
Click here for a pic of Revenant
This tab may contain some information some may feel uncomfortable with, such as something that may go against a certain religion. Please remember that this is a fictional character and I just thought it would be a fun idea.

Introduction: Revenant is a spawn of all of Jester's deepest and darkest desires, and will stop at nothing until it has what it wants. In an attempt to gain more power and break the limits of a demon of chaos, in the midst of beating another demon for it's power the said demon offered him a deal and Revenant took it. It now not only gains power through chaos, but through revenge as well, making it more eager to fight for the right side in some occasions. It plans on feeding on the souls of the interesting and strong, until it's strong enough to defeat Satan itself. It'll claim the throne, and leave. This will throw Hell into a state of chaos, and it'll be the strongest demon there is, even if it is just a demon spawn. Once it's declared the strongest, it'll fight it's way into heaven, killing anything it has to in order to achieve these goals. It is not exactly a spirit, but it holds a grudge, and so some might say it's vengeful.

Concealed Vengeance show
Click here for a picture of Concealed Vengeance
The "Concealed Vengeance" is a state at which Revenant's power is completely concealed, and he tends to take to the form to get a stealthy approach on a victim of his hunger for power.

Age: Almost a year, looks to be somewhere around 25, but without a face it's hard to tell.
Weapon of choice: Scythe, chains around his arms. In it's concealed state it uses firearms that shot one shot when you pull the trigger, nothing automatic.
Occupation: Unemployed.
Alignment: Mostly bad.
"I'm not here for you, I'm looking for something more, tasty."

Don show
click here for pics show

Introduction: Don is a vampire with a bad past and an alternate personality. He was bitten by Vamillia, and is in a constant search for "the girl whome made him who he is".
Age: Looks to be 18.
Weapon of choice: He doesn't use weapons.
Occupation: Model.
Alignment: Mostly good.
"I don't want to kill, I found a way to feed without having to."

Vamillia Arpire show
Click here for a picture of Vamillia
Introduction: Vamillia is a pureblood vampire of royal descent. She likes being a vampire, and wouldn't have it any other way.
Age: Looks to be around 12, true age unknown.
Weapon of choice: She loves a good rapier.
Occupation: Unemployed.
Alignment: Mostly evil.
" I'm not spoiled, I'm just privileged!"

KillShot show
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Name- KillShot
He is a clone of Deadpool from an alternate timeline.
He is immune to most harmful diseases.
His insanity is a bit contagious, so telepathy will come with some temporary side effects.
He cannot die.
He has a demented mind and often hallucinates.
He has a very high metabolism.
Gear: telleportation belt w/ magical pockets, anything inside his pockets.
Age: Around 5 years, looks to be in his 20's.
Weapon of choice: He's not picky.
Occupation: Bouncer.
Alignment: Neutral.
Gender: male
Likes: money, sugar, women, spandex, parties, weapons
Dislikes: critics, god-mods, those against him
Personality: random, funny at times, light-hearted, wismical, dangerous, mysterious
"I'm pretty much immune ta' everything, and I can't die, so, when people threaten me with a good stern I know kung-fu, I kick their asses no matter how much ammo they've got!"
This is my oldest character, and though i don't use him as much anymore, I always have a blast playing him.

Did you guys get all that? show
Hello true believers!
Cuz' this one's longer show

Hey! It's been a while! Forget all the gibberish above, the narrator doesn't know what he's talkin' about!
Well, you wanted ta' know about me, and here I am. I'm pretty much immune ta' everything, and I can't die, so, when people threaten me with a good stern "I know kung-fu", I kick their asses no matter how much ammo they've got! I keep a telleporty magic belt around with me, so I have ∞ ammo, and I'm so great, I named my own fighting style! I call it: Confusion-Fu! Cool name, huh? I gots lotsa friends, and in all the right places too, then again, I used to be a secret lab experiment, so now the world can see the beauty that is yours truly! I often hang with my super-powered pals, and my life is complicated, wouldn't you say? There's alot about me that most people don't know, but that's probably cause they're so dumb calling me STUPID that they DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING!... So, I put it up here for those who want ta' know. Every once in a while, when in the mood, I will host a game show called PAIN FACTOR! I have hallucinations, and I have very few weaknesses, including Sugar, and hot fans in bikinis... I'm a comedy relief character, cut me a break. I wear lotsa red and black, and are a highly sophisticated person. I am a master of all forms of martial arts, firearms, close range combat (crowbars included), and I'm the master of mouthing someone off. So, now you know, but, I'm not gonna use that cheap G.I.Joe ending, like most saying that would, so, goodnight, and remember to stay off the streets, pretending to be a traffic cone in-front of an 18 wheeler is a bad thing, I found that one out the hard way...

Auron show
Click here for a pic of Auron
Introduction: Auron is NOT your typical overly-hyper neko guy. He lost vision in his eye during an unfortunate encounter a while ago, he doesn't like talking about it. He wears armor over his forearms for unknown reasons, and his tail seems too fluffy to be that of a cats. It more closely resembles a dog, but he insists that he is a cat.
Age: While he won't say, he looks to be around 17.
Weapon of choice: he can use a Bo staff pretty well.
Occupation: For hire.
Alignment: Good.
"No, there are things in this world better than catnip, that's just offensive."


This tab contains pictures/ideas that some may find disturbing, and if you just aren't ok with the idea of zombies, or are against the idea of parallel universes, tell me in chat/message me for the information in these tabs. Furthermore, this tab is under construction, so it may be subject to change in the future. Please also note that all of these characters and ideas are fictional and I just thought it would be a fun idea. ALSO NOTE that there are no mini spoilers for the pictures in the Projects tab. Thank you.

Each member from both Teams come from perfectly identical universes, giving them all the same fond memories as themselves from their alternate paths. The thing setting each of their realities apart, is who lived to tell the tale. They all watched all of their allies die, and they all found their own way of escaping death to the new universe. Now all that's left is the reunion.
Team 3 is a team of robots designed to help prevent the death of a team member from either team should they ever be in serious trouble, such as they lose their designated robotic body part. When not trying to save one of their lives, they can act as both other teams in their competition and fight them to achieve the same goals. They work for the same people under a similar program, and they came to the new universe as their own universes slowly crumbled, to help the members in their new universe. They are partially self-thinking, and do not need someone to control them in order to perform tasks. Team 4 was constructed after the zombies got experimental with a civilian. Ein was created, and when he broke free he went to the government for help. In return, they gave him a purpose, and a team.

Team 1

Project Lion show

Click here for a pic of Lion
Introduction: Leo is the leader of the team, with a heart of gold. He has a robotic right arm, and he's lightning quick, making him a tough moving target. His robotic arm is extra durable, so that if he feels like getting a running start he can hit you without penalty.
Age: Looks to be around 20.
Weapon of choice: cutlass, or other swords.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Good.
"Look into my eyes. I promise you'll see a lion if you look hard enough."

Project Phoenix show

Click here for a pic of Phoenix
Introduction: Nick is a cyborg metahuman, with immense strength, a robotic leg, a machine gun replacing his knee, the ability to breath fire, the mere abillity to adapt, and a bad attitude, his bad side isn't the side you want to see. He needs armoring for his arms just so that he doesn't break his fists from punching you. He was the first to arrive in the new universe of his team.
Age: Looks to be around 21.
Weapon of choice: His own knee.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Mostly good.
"Don't make me mad. Nobody likes me when I'm mad."

Project Blossom show

Click here for a pic of Blossom
Introduction: Blossom is the heart of the team, and everybody knows it. She has a robotic left arm, and people tend to think she uses magic because of what she can do with it. Anything from blasts of colorful kinetic energy to lifting heavy objects without touching it, she's soft, but she's certainly no pushover.
Age: Looks to be around 16.
Weapon of choice: She doesn't use weapons.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Good.
"I am NOT a witch, If anything I'm at least a wizard."

Project Gorilla show

Click here for a pic of Gorilla
Introduction: Gorilla is a hard shell with pretty soft insides. He doesn't let anyone hurt the team, and his powers help him achieve that. He has a robotic chin with a growth augment, letting his muscles grow to unnatural sizes, hardening his skin to the point of being bulletproof, and he gets stronger than even his buddy Phoenix.
Age: Looks to be in his 30's.
Weapon of choice: He doesn't use weapons.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Good.
"If you need a shield, I'll turn into a wall. I won't let them hurt you."

Team 2

Project Scorpion show

Click here for a pic of Scorpion
Introduction: Scorpion is the cold leader of his team, and he always gets the job done thoroughly. He has a robotic tail and spine, and his tail can shoot superdense energy at whatever it's aiming at, burning and pushing back what it hits. It also works as a pretty good melee weapon for close quarters combat. He doesn't show much emotion, but don't let that bother you, he's just focused on the mission.
Age: Looks to be around 25.
Weapon of choice: his own tail.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Neutral.
"Don't become a liability. I never hesitate."

Project Blackout show

Click here for a pic of Blackout
Introduction: Blackout was born without eyes, and he found peace through knowledge. He's a genius, and the system gave him robotic eyes so that he could see better than a regular person. He's great at fighting, having learned how to fight without his eyes, but now that he has them he sees your attack before you do.
Age: Looks to be around 17.
Weapon of choice: He doesn't use weapons.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Good.
"When you manage to learn sign language without eyes, then I'll be impressed."

Project Sister show

Click here for a pic of Sister
Introduction: Sister seems cold on the outside, but all she wants is her brother's happiness. During the early days of her team, her brother's face was blown off, and it left her scarred. After his recovery, she got protective, and she doesn't let things get past her emotional barrier, unless if it involves her bigger bro. Both of her legs are robotic, and she's not just light on her feet, but she's also fast and powerful on them. She's almost like a ballerina of death.
Age: Looks to be around 19.
Weapon of choice: She uses her own legs to cut things in half.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Mostly evil.
"You don't hurt my brother and you don't hurt me. If you ever do, the last thing you'll see is the back of my heel."

Project Droid show

Roy is the obvious tank of the team, and his huge robotic arms scream shield. His head was blown away on one of his first missions, and it needed to be replaced. He was given a robotic head, with as much of his mind recovered as possible. He may seem like he's more machine than man, but he has a big heart, and he's always happy so long as he's with his team.
Age: Human parts look to be around 21. Robotic parts are all almost a year old.
Weapon of choice: He doesn't use weapons.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Good.
"I'm not some kind of robot... see? I have fleshy parts too."

Team 3

Protos show
Click here for a pic of Protos
Introduction: Protos is a mix between the leaders of team 1 and team 2, Lion and Scorpion. Protos is great at stealthing through a mission, a natural ninja, and with his lethal talons and tendrils, he is adept at killing. He can reach incredible speeds, and it's reflexes support it's ability to go at such speeds. He is considered the leader of his own team. With the ability to think, this robot developed a strong liking for short ranged weapons, and tends to carry some form of shotgun or sword at all times.
Age: 2-3 years old.
Weapon of choice: It likes swords and shotguns, but it tends to use the tendrils on it's back when it needs to.
Occupation: Government robot.
Alignment: Neutral.
"If you were to take Scorpion's sharp thinking and stealth, and Lion's agility and speed, you would get a deadly natural leader, and we call him Protos."
"Pro" comes from Greek, and means before, or in front of.

Thanatos show
Click here for a pic of Thanatos
Introduction: Thanatos is so adept at killing, it's scary. It was designed to be a cross between Sister and Blossom, and it has both their natural abilities as well as their augmented ones. It is often depicted as the Grim Reaper, and it's name supports this thought. It developed a liking for scythes early on, but it always seems to be carrying 2 pistols at all times. With the ability to lift things without touching them, amazing agility, speed, and insane acrobatic skills, it makes professional gymnastics look like a preschool class.
Age: 1-2 years old.
Weapon of choice: Scythes and pistols, but it loves blowing heads to bits using it's psychic-like powers.
Occupation: Government robot.
Alignment: Neutral.
"You don't ever want to challenge Thanatos, not without some help. Mixing those two scared even me."
"Than" comes from Greek, and it means death.

Kranion show
Click here for a pic of Kranion
Introduction: Kranion is the tank of the team. If you threw Gorilla and Droid together in the body of a robot, you'd get this skeletal enforcer. It doesn't tend to use weapons unless if they're big and won't break easily, and it can easily take down even the biggest of creatures. It was made to take a punch, but it can deal them out just as fast.
Age: 1-2 years old.
Weapon of choice: Kranion tends to just use it's bare fists, since not much else is durable enough to withstand Kranion swinging it into a person without at least denting.
Occupation: Government robot.
Alignment: Neutral.
"Kranion is more something you want a hard hitter to handle, and even then you might want someone else to help with this fight. It's not as weak as you'd imagine a skeleton to be."
"Crani" comes from Greek, and it means skull.

Meta show
Click here for a pic of Meta
Introduction: Meta is as intelligent as it is strong. It's a cross between Phoenix and Blackout, and it knows all sorts of ways to beat you down. It doesn't care what weapon it uses, as it knows how to use about all of them, and it could easily rival Phoenix's strength.
Age: Almost 1 year old.
Weapon of choice: It isn't picky about what it kills you with.
Occupation: Government robot.
Alignment: Neutral.
"Meta, fighting the Meta is suicide. You don't fight the Meta. If it doesn't kill you within 5 seconds, it's because it let you live."
"Meta" is from Greek, and it means after, above, among, and beyond.

Team 4

Ein show
Click here for a pic of Ein
Ein is the first living zombie human hybrid, having full control over his body and all of the capabilities of the zombies. After being captured alive, the zombies formed an experiment of their own, taking some of their original DNA and planting it into a human, effectively giving them their capabilities while still having a mind of their own. It is unknown what makes Ein so special, why they chose him, but he wanted to get back at the beasts that have him his powers. He has no robotic parts whatsoever, but he's just as strong as any other of the projects, and has a microchip in his brain, capable of cloning just as the cyborg parts.
He has a strong friendship with his human friend, Zwei, who he often goes to for emotional support.
Age: Looks to be around 17.
Weapon of choice: He can twist his flesh into odd shapes, resulting in weapons.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Neutral.

Drei show
Click here for a pic of Drei
Drei is the first person to be purposefully infected with the DNA of one of the zombies. Her strand of zombie came directly from Ein. After toying with the stand of DNA Ein was given, they came to a conclusion that it was bit a symbiotic relationship, but the power went to Ein with no drawbacks. They gave this to another subject, a more stable subject, that could keep Ein in check. With all of the same capabilities, her story isn't much different from Ein's, other than who gave her the DNA.
Age: Looks to be around 17.
Weapon of choice: She can twist her flesh into weapons.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Neutral.

Vier show
Click here for a pic of Vier
Vier is the obvious hacker of the group. Knowing all about electronics, he accepted a microchip, and simply wears a mask capable of scanning probabilities.
Age: Looks to be around 16.
Weapon of choice: He carries a dagger around like a cell phone.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Mostly evil.

Funf show
Click here for a pic of Funf
Funf is always looking out for his team. He knows many forms of martial arts, and fighting him is like fighting a Jackie Chan successor. As the rest of his team, he also had a microchip. He also has built in body armor, a bulletproof vest built into his body.
Age: Looks to be around 16.
Weapon of choice: He doesn't tend to use weapons, unless if you count his fists.
Occupation: Government Agency.
Alignment: Mostly good.

Basis show
Click here for a pic of Basis
Basis Was the first of the robots, and wasn't assigned to a team. It was instead designed to become a servant of the M.O.T.H.E.R. system, and it helps team 1 and 2 in repairing damages to the cyborg parts and assisting them with their basic needs. When it is not serving one of the team members, Basis is a shell that the M.O.T.H.E.R. can use as a personal carrier, and can take control of Basis to talk through or to move around.
Age: Almost 3 years old.
Weapon of choice: Basis doesn't fight, but when it has to it can project lasers from it's head and it's forearms that do not actual physical harm, but stings like crazy and tends to send enemies into uncontrollable spasms.
Occupation: Government robot.
Alignment: Neutral.
"This, is what we like to call Basis. It's what'll be with the M.O.T.H.E.R. system to help you with whatever you need, but it's better to ask the M.O.T.H.E.R. for advice, it is the intelligence after all."
"Basi" OR "Bas" comes from Greek, and it means at the bottom.

M.O.T.H.E.R. show

Click here for a pic of M.O.T.H.E.R.
The M.O.T.H.E.R. system is what made all of this possible, having knowledge of the other universes and having existed in them, it seems to have a personality, it has access to the internet, and this supercomputer helps both teams. All of the robotic parts on the members of both teams give M.O.T.H.E.R. the ability to clone them and all of their memories and their consciousness so long as the robotic part is attached to the team member.
Alignment: Neutral.
"Ahh, I've heard of you before. Yes, I have a lot of information on you."

F.A.T.H.E.R. show
Click here for a pic of F.A.T.H.E.R.
The F.A.T.H.E.R., just like the M.O.T.H.E.R., is the intelligence of team 3. Most humans don't understand the F.A.T.H.E.R., as since it was made to give the robots information, it uses binary codes, and tends to encrypt them. It provides the same functions as the M.O.T.H.E.R. for the robots, including maintenance and revival. It also lacks the emotion, and the attitude or the personality that the M.O.T.H.E.R. system was given, as it was meant for speaking to the robots, and it didn't need to have one for the robots to accept it as anything other than just some computer program. Other than it's lack of personality and it's use of binary codes rather than words, it is the clone of the M.O.T.H.E.R. system.
Alignment: Neutral.
"Some of the greatest hackers we have couldn't understand the F.A.T.H.E.R. system, you'd have to be a super genius in order to read what it tells these robots, and only a few select members of our group can read it.

Back Story/Zombies show

Common Zombie
Bulk Zombie
Elephant Zombie
These are examples of the horror that was in the team's origional universes. The zombies would kill their target and eat the smaller ones only to barf them up later, or drag the body to their nests. Then they would tear the body apart, inspect the insides, and melt the parts back together, giving it to a higher being of zombie. They had already killen entire other species, so they had an army of zombie aliens already. They came to Earth to increase their army, and they planned on taking both human and animal, making both into drones for their army. They're the origional reason for the creation of both teams, and the reason both teams died in the universes, leaving one from each to escape. Eventually they'll find their way to the new universe, or maybe they'll find a way across from one of the old universes, but when they do, they've got at least 8 survivors to deal with.
"These, things. They're nothing like the zombies you see in movies. They fit the horror genre much better."

Zwei show
Since Zwei uses a custom image, I have to use a spoiler. show

Introduction: There's not much to him. He goes by Big Z, Zee, and Zwei, nobody knows where he came from, and he's pretty easy to get along with. He's an OG with flare, and he loves looking flashy, especially infront of rival gangsters.
Age: Looks to be around 20.
Weapon of choice: He likes baseball bats, and he loves sub-machine guns, like uzis. He usually uses diamond tipped bullets.
Occupation: Student
Alignment: Mostly good.
"Who am I? Only the flashiest OG you'll ever meet."

In the case of Projects show
Zwei is a close friend of Ein, and often helps him with emotional support. How they meet is unknown, but Zwei is a natural survivor.

Aureus show

Under Development show

This character is a work in progress. I've always been a bit anxious to make a Usurper knight, but Ano isn't all that bad, so I have nothing to worry about.

Click here for a pic of Aureus
Aureus speaks only directly to the Usurper God and King, Ano, unless if absolutely necessary. He serves the king above all and does not refuse his orders. After the complete and undeniable loyalty, he is a gentleman, and tends to help those in need. He is able to calculate future movements in less than a mere second. He seems impossibly durable, able to take almost any punch. He seems vulnerable to puncture wounds, but slashes to his body seem to be ignored. He has the ability to bend light into solid objects, yet he can only use this power so long as one of the pearl-like orbs on his arms, legs, torso, or mask are touched by at least a faint light. The stronger and more focused the light that touches the ornament is, the more durable, large, and focused his ability seems to allow. His feelings, while rare, also seem to effect this power, making it useless while he is "broken". He rearranges the light on a molecular level, reprojecting it out of his armor, or his body should light touch his skin. If light directly touches his skin, he grows immense power, so much so that he cannot control it yet, usually resulting in light bursting from his body in long thin spikes. The same can be said about his power should he be struck by a strong electrical current.
Age: Unknown, with no visual hints.
Weapon of Choice: Light, he prefers to shape blades with it.
Occupation: Usurper Knight.
Alignment: Neutral.

Aureus is 6'0" in his full suit.
He does not look to be particularly strong, but being thin, he does not have as much body fat covering muscle, so he looks strong for a thin person.
He is extremely pale, and his face looks rather bird-like. It follows a typical square shape. His eyes are his secret, not to be seen. They have an almond shape, and his eyebrows follow an attractive natural shape. He has rather short curly blonde hair, falling just in front of his eyes when laid down.
His wrists, if not in his gauntlets, are incredibly skinny, as with his ankles. If his armor were to be removed, you would be able to clearly see his bones in his chest, and even on his muscular yet skinny looking arms you would feel bone at the touch. They only really appear muscular, yet he stands up tall and proud in his 100 pound armor, surprising most.
He seems to be around 210 pounds in his full suit, while only about 110 pounds out of it.
The cloth on his typical suit appears to be simply for decoration. The description of his face is solely for those who see it, and Ano.
He follows a strict moral while on his own, but follows any order given to him by Ano.
He seems almost emotionless, and tends to act on the intellectual decision over what seems morally right, unless if it conflicts with his personal rules, including the murder of the defenseless.
Regarding the light bending, the light seems weightless to him, and he needs to be able to imagine the shape in his head to form it through the light. The pearls powering the light power seem to be ordinary decorations on his armor.
In order to hide his face when not capable of wearing his mask, he bends light around his face, blinding himself and those around him.
There are no holes in his mask, and it is unknown as to how he sees through it.
He always carries a small serrated dagger in case he can not touch light. His dagger is about 5 inches long, with a 4 inch handle. The blade is about two fifths of a centimeter thick, yet about as durable as he is. The blade is serrated, meaning that it is saw toothed, or it has saw like features on its blade. His dagger has no hilt, and seems almost like a fancy kitchen knife. It's handle is intricately decorated, heavy, and gold. It's blade seems almost perfectly white, with no designs whatsoever.
All of that side, Aureus is not his birth name, but he's not registered as living anywhere at all. He's not of Earth, but he does not seen to be capable of saying where he is from.
He looks to Ano as a God rather than a King, and wishes to take after his image.

"A Usurper is one who wrongfully takes a place of power. I don't believe we took it, I believe we earned it, through privilege and devotion, and we are obligated to do as the greater one commands, as that is our duty."

Generations show

This is a list of my OCs, and what "Generation" I consider them to be, generation 1 being the oldest, and the higher numbers being the youngest.

Generation 1 show




Nick (Project Phoenix)

Generation 2 show
Yokubo (linked to Kira) (retired)

Revenant (Spawn of Jester)

Vamillia (linked to Don]

Projects (excluding Phoenix)

Leo (Project Lion)

Blossom (Project Blossom)

Gorilla (Project Gorilla)

Scorpion (Project Scorpion)

Blackout (Project Blackout)

Sister (Project Sister)

Roy (Project Droid)

Protos (Project Protos)

Thanatos (Project Thanatos)

Kranion (Project Kranion)

Meta (Project Meta)




Generation 3 show

James (Symbiote, linked to KillShot) (retired)

Aimi (retired)

Virtual Characters (retired)

Kai (VC)(retired)

Hana (VC)(retired)

Laghodessa (VC)(retired)

S.A.V.E. (VC)(retired)

Zach (retired)

Deadloche (retired)

Generation 4 show

Crimson Shield (retired)

Reaper (retired)

Aku (retired)

Project Ein

Blink (Mk. 2)(retired)

Project Drei

Project Vier

Project Funf

Versengen (retired)

Generation 5 show

More to come

Contacts show
Due to recent events, I've removed my contacts from this list. If you have any further questions, or wish to contact me in any sort of way, you can send me a friend request on Facebook, I'm Jason Don, or send me a message on Kik, I'm JuicebQx there!



Jason99 does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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