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i don't go on here anymore lmao. if you wanna contact me for some reason hmu on skype (cheesybadger) , discord (marunugget#2144), steam (teddiecircus), or tumblr (marunugget). you can try to send a PM to me on here, but I might take forever to respond whoops

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yo i'm a pansexual 17 y/o (pref. for girls) and i love frogs.
my main interests are danganronpa, yokai watch, dragon ball, one piece, sam & max, and persona. other interests can be found here and here.
don't send a message telling me that teruteru is a bad character. literally every danganronpa character has flaws (except Kyoko, who I don't like much) so chill.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4441-9943-9146

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