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Name: Dalton, Dalt, Dalts etc.
I'm a male whose birthday is on 1/17 and my favorite things are Gurren Lagann, Pokemon, Mario,Madoka Magica, Halo, Familiar of Zero, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Art, Animations and much more.
I'm pretty known around plaza if I say so myself, if you have an questions that you want to know go ahead and hit me with a PM.
I do take drawing requests if you want me to draw something, it just has to be something I can actually do.
I do own a 3ds PM if you want to add me!
Here are the 3ds games I own show

Literally all the games just ask if I have it or not.

That's pretty much it about me comment below if you like my profile or not.

Old Plaza moments show

Hilly on Kik 2014

My Super Smash Bros Mains show

Main: Samus
Secondary: Little Mac
Pockets: Mario, Corrin, Ryu and Roy.

Favorite Pokemon:

Favorite Legendary Pokemon:

Favorite Anime:
-Puella Magi Madoka Magica-

Favorite Anime Character:
-Mami Tomoe-

Favorite Mario Character:

Favorite Spartan:

Favorite Fire Emblem Character:

Favorite Monster Hunter Weapon:

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3282-7261-3316

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