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Senior community member
Web developer, digital artist, software tester, and InfoSec.
Registered ~30th November 2011 initially

Want to know more about what I do or want to contact me outside of Plaza? Site
Artwork and normal blog stuff goes on my DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Privilege log
CoolApps - Obtained - Chat moderator - 27/04/15 [dd/mm/yy]
CoolApps - Obtained - Forum moderator - 16/11/15 [dd/mm/yy]
CoolApps - Dropped - Chat moderator - 08/01/16 [dd/mm/yy]
CoolApps - Dropped - Forum moderator - 08/01/16 [dd/mm/yy]
NodePoint - Obtained - Chat moderator - 08/01/16 [dd/mm/yy]
NodePoint - Obtained - Forum moderator - 08/01/16 [dd/mm/yy]
NodePoint - Obtained - Profile moderator - 01/02/16 [dd/mm/yy]
NodePoint - Obtained - Community Manager - 19/10/16 [dd/mm/yy]

Private chatroom
I have my own private chatroom. For more information, go here.

Friends list
I do feel that this needs to be made clear.
I will only accept friend requests from those who I deem to be friends. That means all random requests or requests from those who I don't consider to be friends will be either on hold or declined.
If you want to have a chance on getting on the list, actually get to know me and let me get to know you (not in that way) and if I like you enough as a user, you could have the chance. I have much to share.
If you are on my friend list but you change accounts very frequently then I will not update the list accordingly.
Inactive or/and permanent banned accounts on the list may get removed.
Final note: the friend list here does not represent all friends here and on external services. Heck, I don't always feel like adding those who I feel are worth adding.
Just because you're not on it doesn't mean you're not a friend.

Any questions? Either use the PM feature here or use the most appropriate communication channel here.
No useless PMs like 'hi' and use a subject that's relevant.
PMs with a badly done subject line will be not replied to.

To dispute your ban, email me via my site.
I will reject disputes done in behalf of others or done anywhere outside of email.
Remember that final decisions will remain final and that discussion/sharing of the dispute before it is done will make it void.

As for reports, they should be sent to me via PM with information such as the date of the occurrence, time (including time zone), full username (not nickname or real name), description and evidence.

Note that if an incident only occurred in a chat, a moderator is not dealing with it (AFK, not there, ignoring, ...) and isn't that severe then it may not be worth reporting it. Things such as illegal activity and excessive profanity should however be reported.
Update: there's currently a chat log to help out so do report anything worth reporting ASAP before 7 days of occurrence if possible with the UTC timezone in mind.

To use Reddit-like spoilers (but only show on hover), use the following:

NodePoint's moderator privileges:
Chat Moderator
Jolly Jokes Moderator
Forum Moderator
3D Picture Gallery moderator
Profile moderator
3DSDraw Moderator

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0.0-0.0-0.0

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