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Address me merely as Nate if it's such of importance. My age is relatively irrelevant unless you potientially have ulterior motives. I'm obviously not going to present all my information due to the fact that this is supposed to arouse interest.
I have various interests so finding a topic should not be the most challenging thing in initiating a conversation.Beware that because I take interest in different subjects, some may be stronger than othersbut nonetheless, I enjoy learning more things.
I thoroughly enjoy video games with me owning different consoles growing up. Consequently, I have taken animmense interest in the concepts of zombies. <3
A potiental future career and something I'm attempting to pursue is becoming a neurosurgeon, or something relative to infectious disease.

> Artwork / Writing
To a Boy. show
12th, 2018 - 06:08 am
I'm able to vividly recall the manner in which you nudge your hand to mine, gradually introduced your fingers to my palm and suddenly, without the public knowing, held my hand within yours. It was our little secret- the night that our hands met.
Your hand felt familiar, in which lead me to not shy away from you but merely enjoy your hands warmth. Soon enough, you brought me closer to your chest and I hardly knew what or how to react that I simply let it be. It was nice, and the way that I was held was so memorable that I still manage to remember how it felt- with your goofy chuckle and that wonderful smile that you possessed.
I examined your face, falling in love with every aspect of your heavenly sculpted face, and hearing you talk and laugh only contributed more to it. The way that your hair, brown with a hint of copper, shined below the stars with the most tempting amount of volume that gave it a good little fluff. I definitely, admittedly, had the urge to have you on my lap an play with your hair as you fell asleep.
I remember all of this, but I don't even know your name, and I know that I've seen you somewhere.
Ultimately, fell in love with someone while in my sleep.

Drown Seed. show
Nov. 24th, 2017
As I currently type this on the computer, I am reminded of one individual who has made a significant impact in my life in a short time span. A deep root sadness is planted in my core, only to grow and consume me entirely and excreting its sorrowful purpose. It provides agonizing recollections of the memories that we laced together when we had initially met to the point where you deemed it better to cut me out of your life. While I don’t blame you for your decision, that there are various paths to take in certain situations, I wish that it wasn’t the path we had to take.
It’s currently 11:45PM and while time isn’t a luxury I have to dwindle on and possibly have other things I could do that would contribute to the future better, I remain here typing and constructing this piece of paper. Potentially only floating away into oblivion, with my most intimate feelings encased within this writing.

I don’t mind it though.

> Significant Individuals

PSN: brain-goo
DISCORD: Nistachio#1302

If you know me, please do me the favor of writing down what you think of me and sending me a message.
I'll be recollecting them and putting them on my profile as a more accurate mean of representing myself.

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