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i only got some of my Oc's info up.
Rachel show

Rachel: age: 14, Gender: girl, Breed: Moonlain, Bio: as goverment agent, and a Darkness hunter leader of the Hunter Team, ZERO, Rachel is a Natural fighter who is a bit weird. aside her look, Rachel is a shapeshifter, Element changer, fuser, and a healer. Likes: animals, Food, games, Her freinds, her Device partners. Dislikes: Crappy stuff, bad guys, her epic fail moments, Stupid stuff, and Annoying charaters. Device Partners: Zero, GamerGirl(GG), Starman.EXE, Zero.EXE, and OZero. (FOR POKEMON RPS) Pokemon: Duoing/Lighting(Pikachu,) Lates(Latias,) Gold (ShinyLatias,) Rishi(Risharam,) Super/DarkUmbreon (Umbreon, darp) and Lightrai(Darkrai.)

leala show
Leala: age: Uknown, Gender: girl, Breed: Moonlain, Bio: as goverment agent, and a Darkness hunter member of the Hunter Team, ZERO, Leala is a natural fighter as well. even though leala is BFFs a Goofball like Rachel, Leala's past is dark and was important. the rumors for Leala's scratch marks are sometimes connected with her past but truth to be told, it was really a pokemon fight that leala had. Witch kinda figures because leala is kinda short tempered. Likes: Her music, Rachel, animals, quiet, her freinds. Dislikes: bad guys and anything weird, aqward, stupid, crappy, or anything that has the same mening of Stupid moments.Device Partners: X, Middy, (SOMETIMES) Tecno, and Tankman.EXE. (FOR POKEMON RPS) Pokemon: Slasher(Wevile,) Blues(Lateios,) Green(ShinyLateios,) IcyWind(Sneesle,) Scratcher(Pochianea,) and Dark(Darkrai.)

Vatti show
Vatti: age: uknown, Gender: boy, Breed: Moonlain, Bio: as goverment agent, and a Darkness hunter member of the Hunter Team, ZERO, Vatti is a goof ball like Rachel but has a dark past as leala. Vatti of corse is Vaati the windmage but diffrent. and plus there are some funny shiping between Leala and Vatti...does Vatti really love leala? who knows. Likes: Leala, his freinds, music, and being his monster form. Dislikes: leala getting hurt and bad guys. Device partners: Axl. (FOR POKEMON RPS) Pokemon: Axra(Zoura,) and Luna(Absol,)

Lani show
Lani: age: 9, Gender: girl, Breed: Moonlain, Bio: Rachel's future daughter, Sometimes she is in the past but when in furture and/or world end rps, she is a loner with future soul and Rachel's 'old' device partners (Read Rachel's device partner section for info.) Lani, or Laner, is a moonlain like Rachel and she wears Rachel's collar. Lani is a kind, Silly and sometimes serrious monster girl. Could it be because of Future soul's actions? Likes: to see the past, Rachel's freinds, her Freind's, sillynes. Dislikes: the bad guys and the bad things. Device Partners: (see rachel's Device partner section for detail) and MusicGal.

ShadowSlasher show
ShadowSlasher age: 17, Gender: Male, Breed: Moonlain, Bio: A Mysterious Moonlain and a fighter. ShadowSlasher, or his other names Slasher and Blade, Is a Serrious moonlain and he was nearly killed by the BadGuys. Slasher secretly loves leala but he never shows off in front of leala, Unlike the other 'Leala Fan-Boy' Vatti. Instead, Slasher does his normal thing infront of leala and that is Fight with out any Hesatation and he Fights like a man! Likes: Leala, good guys, people he trusts. Dislikes: The nightmares and Bad Guys. Device Partners: Searchman and Connel.EXE.

Alice Aling show
Alice Aling: age: 10, gender: DNA moonlain, bio: Alice Aling is a young, energetic, Friendly girl who has a dark yet interesting past. Alice was the daughter of two scientists. When she was 8 years old, she was part of a project called Project Omega. Alice’s parents had to put a Reploid’s DNA into her body not for safe keeping but because Alice had a powerful ability to summon the Z-Saber. Few months later, Alice got a surprising and shocking warning from her Gallade. He told her that Omega Zero had awakened and that she had to run away. Alice did so, but Omega Zero caught up to her and starting beating her up. That’s when, KoKo, Rachel’s riku, came and Protected Alice. Rachel dashed into the fight and fought and defeated omega Zero, and then took care of Alice’s wounds. That’s when Alice became so loyal to Rachel. Alice might be small but she says that Size doesn’t matter; Alice can summon her Omega or OmegaZ Armors or become Omega, Omega V2, OR Omega Zero herself. Alice can turn into any type of Animal too, from a red frog to a black cat. Likes: her friends, Rachel, Matt Medic, Leala, her family and Slenderman. Dislikes: Weil. Pokemon: NONE! Forms: OmegaForm: combintation of and full omegaZero form:

Spoiler: show
John: Age: 18, Gender: Boy. Breed: Human. Bio:as goverment agent, and a Darkness hunter leader of the Hunter Team, Animals, John is like leala, He has a Dark Past. John is the oldest member of Hunter Team, and he is also the tallest. Just like Slasher, John likes Leala and never shows off. Insted of Fighting for a Girl's life, He asks leala if she wants to help fight (NOTE: KIND, FIGHTING GENTELMAN RULE #1, ALWAYS ASK A WOMAN IF SHE WANTS TO HELP TAKE DOWN THE OPPEANT!) John has a little sister named Caroline. and a crow named (Megaman9/10's crow name here.) Likes: His Freinds, animals, and to be quiet. Dislikes: Loudness, Rude People, and Bad Guys (Doesn't everyone hate the badguys?) Device Partner: Protoman/Blues (Depends on the languge you want to say his name) Pokemon: Latios.
Tom: Age: 13, Gender: Boy. Breed: Human. bio: as goverment agent, and a hunter member of the Hunter Team, Animals, Tom is a weird Boy. he has a crush on Rachel and just like Vatti, Tom HAS To show off. Tom has a Pet wolf, named WolfTreb, and a Sister, Named Tina. Sometimes Tom's stupid actions get his team, Animals, into danger. but sometimes his actions help alot. Likes: Animals, His Freinds, Rachel and His family. Dislikes: Anyone who tries to hurt his Freinds and Family and the bad guys. Device Partner: Bass/Forte (Depends on the languge you want to say his name!) Pokemon: Mega (Latios. not a mega latios a latios. you'll get the pun soon! )
James: Age: 13, Gender: Boy. Breed: Human. bio: as goverment agent, and a hunter member of the Hunter Team, Animals, James is unlike the others. He's pretty kind to both Good and Bad, seeings how he wants to be in a world where only good guys exsits. James has a Sister named Jessie (Get it? Jessie and James? lol now this is the ammusing part) A dog named RushPup a Cat named Tango and a Bird named MusicBeat. James is pretty kind and one of the smartest Boys in team. Likes: almost anything. Dislikes: Haters. Device Partner: Megaman/Rockman. Pokemon: Latias.

Fantasy, HS rps, AND/OR Romance
Mea: Age: 18 (looks 10) Gender: Girl, Breed: Neko. Bio: a Small teenaged Neko and the older Sister of Nya. Mea is a dark but Very Smart girl, like She can play RockmanX5 (Jappenies version of megaman X5) in 20 Minutes, No Damage, and she can even understand the Charaters (witch she can.) Her and her Sister are both Orphans. When Mea was 7, Nya was Born, then Mea and Nya's parents were killed by a neko hater family. Then a Cop decied to protect them. after 10 years, the cop was killed by the same neko-hating family. when Mea thought that her and her sister were dead, Rachel and Leala stoped the evil family and protected Mea and Nya. Likes: Dark Stuff, her friends, her sister. Dislikes: nothing. Device partner: CatWoman (From Batman)
Nya: Age: 10 Gender: Girl, Breed: Neko. Bio: A small, engergetic neko and the Younger sister of Mea. Nya is a pretty funny girl who sometimes says to vatti "Vatti-chan, Clean up your act." or she'll tell Rachel "What am i fighting for?" (she says it like a Normal Question, not a Dramatic Question.) Nya likes playing video games and she Plays Project X Zone on her pink 3DS. Nya always wondered 'where is mom and dad?' and when she asks Mea, Mea says 'gone...forever.' Likes: Everything but scary stuff, Dislikes: Anything scary, including stuff that looks kinda scary.
For any type with Fantasy:
Soul: Age: N/A (he's a freakin' ghost!) Gender: Male, Breed: Ghost Data who's Body was Destroyed. Bio: a mysterious and weird ghost who follows Rachel, Leala, and Lani around. Soul's real name Is X or Soul X, but since Leala's Device Partner's name is X, He (soulX) just goes with Soul. Soul was origanaly Shadow Slasher partner but then Slasher told Soul to be Rachel and Leala's partners. Soul had to leave Slasher, one of the last Blood Beasts, side. (the next part of Soul's Bio is from events of Megaman Zero 2 and the Rockman MYTIOS) During the Elf Wars, X along with (megaman) Zero fought aganst Omega (not to be confused with OZero, Rachel and Arc's Device Partners) but then, Zero seal him self. While X was fighting, X had to seal himself to prevent the Dark Elf's reawaking. thats when Elpizo destroyed X's body, thus relising the Dark Elf and Soul. true form:
my Fantasy Monsters:
Moonlain: A breed of monsters who where once Pokemon. Moonlains are pretty strong and look like humans. Favorite Foods: Depends. some like Junk food and some like fruit and Vegitables. Wild Moonlains like to eat like Real life wild animals. Sizes: Depends on the Age.
Blood Beasts: A breed of monsters who are almost exstint. Blood Beasts like to live in eather the Light World or the Nightmare Relm. Each blood beast has a unique Ability, like AZR, AZR can drip blood from her claws, likes the things the Vampires HATE (so if you try to Kill AZR, dont use garlic, that will only boost her power, or if you hold up a cross she'll say John 3:16 in spanish.) and even AZR's talons will grow depending on the situation. Blood Beast's Favorite food: blood. a good Blood beast will eat Animal blood while a Evil Blood beast eats humans blood. AZR will only eat the bad human's blood. Size: most Blood beasts are about the size of a Adult male, the wing spam is as long as a Bus.
Werebreon: a Type of monster that was also a pokemon. The First werebreon was accutly Rachel's umbreon, Super Umbreon. The first Werebreon killed a robot, witch that incadent was called "The Werebreon Incadent." Alot of werebreons are Herbavores, They eat Tree bark, plants and berrys. Werebreon's are very fast, Their normal hights are 7.3 and they usaly weigh about 3.4. Their fur are spiky so be carful!
Ulta Werebreon: a bigger version of the Werebreon. Ulta Werebreons are very rare. When a Nightmare stone or a Bloodbeast's Gem falls on a Werebreon, they become a Ulta Werebreon. Ulta Werebreon's Spike fur turns into Controlable Quills, Witch works like a Porkiepine. Ulta Werebreons are not olny rare but very dangerous. Hight: 9.4 Weight: 3.1.
Demon Bears: a mysterious speceise of bear. they carry bones in their mouths.

VIDEO GAME FAN OCS (including fusions) show
These ocs are Fan ocs, Ranging from Five nights at Freddys to Sonic to Megaman. POKEMON OCS WILL NOT BE LISTED IN THIS SPOILER!
FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS (1 & 2) OCS (witch most of them are Reploids, not amatronics and they were all created by Rachel. Some of them i haven't drawin their designs yet) Maddy Fox, Maddy Fox is the smallest of the Gang, Maddy was created just for children. When she was being programed, she had a bug but it was Fixed. Maddy LOVES to play with children. She can't fight but her constint chattering will make you wanna rip your hair out! Also, since she isn't a fighter, she always hangs around with Ax the Cat. Hight: 4.3, Waight: 3.6.
Wolfy Wolf, Wolfy Wolf is the most annoying Wolf around. When his eyes are blue, you better cover your ears, if his eyes are Green....oh lorrdeh! His color desighn is simaler to Zero's (megaman X) even his Green Eyed self's personality's is simalar to Zero's personality

true this show
(credit to DarkSwordZ)

My WWF game badges! show


My life in songs show
LAZY MIND!Being devoured without realizing it The shadow at your feet starting to solidify The devil sleeps inside luxury Hypocrites smile, days of peace WE ARE MANY WE ARE ONEBut now, as I face the unknown I'm standing alone & I can't find hero to guide me. CLOVERI can't seem to recall the name of that flower It's like I am broken into many fragments My heart is running dry

sad but tru show
Fayne_Aldan: xenoblade chronicles has boob physics
OmegaZero as OmegaMedic: Megaman X Command Mission has butt physics

I soooo want this show

if you hate my artwork, you should read this show

Art is an emotion that people express when they draw. It brings out whats stuck in their head. It shows how people want to deal with their problems.

Code space [DrakeJericho and (ExoticModz) show


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