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Dear Emily,
I love everything about you and I hope one day I can get you to loved everything about yourself including your flaws. -D
Dear Emily,
Braces are in a pain the the ass but knowing how strong you are I know you can get through them, plus you have me on this journey with you so we both are gonna have to suck it up and deal with it. -D
Dear Emily,
I want to be there during your senior prom dancing and smiling with you. I also want to be there during your high school graduation cheering your name even though I'll feel awkward because I'm no where near from where you are. -D
Dear Emily,
Your kindness is your strongest quality and when I met you it was your kindness that made me attract towards you like a giant magnet. -D
Dear Emily,
I want you to know how much you mean to me in my past relationships they were pretty much the same as this one laughing, joking, and all love dovey you know? But the thing is in those relationships I tried too hard in this one I feel like I don't have to because the feelings we have for each other are mutual. -D
Dear Emily, from the bottom of my heart and soul I love you and if it ever came down to it I would die for you. It may be hard to believe but it's true hun. -D
Dear Emily,
I will stay sober minded from now on, peer pressure and stuff. I don't want you to feel like you "could have" or "should have" with anything that I have done in the past or the future. You're an amazing person but an even more amazing girlfriend. You're beautiful and loving in your own way and I never want you to stop being you not even if your parents tell you. Cause this is your life and as long as you're doing things correctly then there shouldn't be a problem. In the end I will always love your goofy ass and I treasure every moment we have together. I think about you from the time I wake up to the time I pass out on discord or you if you ever pass out. All those late night notes you sent me like the paragraphs and stuff I have them saved in my notes. You mean so much to me and I really don't want you to ever think I'm taking you for granted baby. I love you. -D

I'm sorry, Grandma, for forgetting your Cool Whip. <3 :3
I hate how the first time I typed everything on the profile it didn't save. -Daws

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