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Hey there! I'm too lazy to make a detailed profile but uh, my name is Amy, I want to make graphic novels when I grow older and I love manatees!

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-I am half Japanese and half Canadian.
-I can wiggle my ears!
-I may use grammar, but don't mistake me as a smart person.
-I love you guys!

I can be a teensy bit very weird, especially in the mornings. I'm pretty apologetic and I usually stick to my own methods and rules. I get excited and use caps a lot, sorry. But aside from my cons, I do have pros too and would love to be your friend! I'm usually pretty loyal and your words do matter to me. (I'm terrible at being the therapist friend but I'll try if you need it) It still shocks me today at the amount of friends I have made on here, and it does give me a boost of energy just to know that I fit in somewhere. So thanks to the friends I've made, had, and will make on here!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2750-1185-4915

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