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Hey guys! It's me, ★Popst4r20!★


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GENDER :Female

LIKES: Pepsi,Mtn Dew, Italian foods, mexican food, chinese food, Blue, blood red, black, dogs, drawing, and scary movies

pink, being ignored, being alone for long periods of time, being with family for too long, March 9th, and snow

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Just an average girl, she always wore a smile, she was cheerful and happy for a short while, but now she's older; things are getting colder, life's not what she thought, she wished someone had told her, she told you she was down, and you let it slip by, so from then on she kept it on the inside, she told herself that she was alright, but she was telling white lies. Can't you tell? look at her dull eyes. She's tried to stop herself from crying almost every night, but she knew there was no chance of feeling alright. Summer went by; all she wore was long sleeves because those cuts on her wrists were bleeding through you see. She knew she was depressed; didn't want to admit it; didn't think she fit it, and everyone seemed to miss it. She carried on like a soldier with a battle wound; bleeding out from every cut her body consumed. She had no friends at school;all alone she sat, and if anyone were to notice she would blame the cat. But those cuts on her wrists, they were no mistake, but no one cared enough to save her from this self-hate.

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Hanna: A neko with magenta and blue tips on her hair/ fur, has minty green eyes, dark purple ears and tail. wears a black tee shirt with a purple skull and ripped jeans. She's 16, has sharp teeth, pale white skin, and is considered a trouble maker. She likes to eat fish, chicken, and anything bloody...
She can turn into a cat with bat wings and hypnotize anyone she wants.
Emily: a little girl that died shortly after her 12th birthday. She was hit by a train. She always walked home from school by using the railroad tracks. she is transparent, has brown hair, hazel eyes, and her clothes look bloody and ragged. sometimes she is seen holding a black cat named Midnight.
Flaming Tail: A black cat with orange stripes and a long orange tail. A warrior almost to become a deputy in Demon clan.
Shadowstripe: a black cat with bright purple stripes all over her. she has misty blue eyes, a fluffy tail, and razor sharp claws. She is a stray and tends to stay that way. She lives in a small cave and has dark magical powers that can instantly kill her prey. She was never part of a clan and doesn't remember if she ever had an owner or not.





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SkullKandyz (me)
harleyquinnDP (my friend)
PriscillaScout ( my bestie)
JMM321(my brother)

"All the HATE that you have... Just throw it away. Life's meant for more, but we're too DISTRACTED... too caught up in the ANGER and JUDGEMENT...caught up in the web of LIES...I've heard these things keep our BLOOD boiling, keeps us ALIVE and moving forward...well... THAT! IF THAT'S THE CASE, I WAS BORN A DEAD MAN AND I'M FOREVER A GHOST!"-GHOSTTOWN Massacre

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1006-0212-8677

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