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Hello everybody! *Quickly bows* I'm May! Your friendly (kinda) trainer! I love making friends and I'm glad you decided to visit me! I can be a little rude sometimes but eh. Yes, I have completed all my adventures and please don't ask me about Max. He's actually becoming way, way smarter *laughs nervously* Anyway, here are the facts about me!

Likes: Anime, manga, battling, listening to vocaloid, people poking me, hugs, food, aaannndd...being my inner self...A yandere.

Dislikes: Bullies, ghost types *shudders* and YOU! *Laughs* Just kidding.

I also roleplay! Any type as long as it has no romance. (Hugs and blah are okay but don't go over)

Bye now!~

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