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About me:
My name is Tyler. I'm ten. I'm one of the most shy boys you will ever meet..... I probably want talk until I'm used to being on this chat.

Here's why I'm always shy:
1 because I'm bullied (at school and home)
2 because my life's been going crazy
And 3 I don't know if i will get cyber bullied on this site.

In the future I'm hoping that this site can stop me from being shy so once I'm less shy I can start youtube and talk online and socially freely
My dream:
My dream is to become a famous youtuber but the problem is is that I can't start till I loose my shyness so this site could be my future.

What I'm happy about:
I've found that on this site I'm not the only shy one witch means I can interact with other people knowing they could be shy to! So I hope I get along with those people.

What I like:
I like minecraft terraria and other games
I love the YouTube's romanatwood ashdubh snakedoctor iballisticsquid and superchache39. I also love cards ask me a card game and il tell you if I got it. I love pokemon and

What I'd dislike:
Lots of music (I like some)
Braggers bullys people who try to act cool

Thx for reading and bye.

I'm a bit weird but don't try to act cool to make a good impression whoever you are your you and I appreciate that so whether you are weird or cookoo I want make fun of you just be you.

My shy rating for this chat:
90% shy

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