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So...I have a huge confession. To the SN users who believe I'm 16. That's a lie. I have trust issues in knowing who my friends are. But if you were on SN, and saw I was banned, then came here to talk to me...I should tell you the truth about me. I'm not entirely fake. I was just protecting myself from people I didn't know. You should understand.

I'm 15. I was born on December 6, 2000. What a horrible day that was. I don't actually have a british accent. Again, I said that to protect my identity. I have more of a southern accent than anything. BUT I DIDNT COMPLETELY LIE. I really am Swedish and English. ^u^

I have quite an amount of mental issues due to my past. It was horrible, unless you go by the username @dovechire please do not ask about it. Here's a list:
-PTSD (Post-Tramatic-Stress-Disorder)
-ODD (Obsessive Defiant Disorder, or in other words, I have trouble following directions, whether or not I want to)
-Bipolar (If you do not know what that is, you're dumb.)
-I have frequent night terrors (This is why I almost never sleep)
-My mind slips into and out of reality into my past. (Again, do not ask unless you are @dovechire)
-I like to act like a child sometimes and it makes me very derpy
-Anger issues
-I have a tendency to over exaggerate things.

I may not be perfect with these issues... but I'm still human, and I deserve to be treated as one. I'm your equal. Do not treat me different.

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As some of you may already know, I have a very close bond with Dove. He is a true beauty. I could never ask for a better friend. He stitched me back together when I broke. I used to think I was a failure, but now I'm not allowed to say that. If somehow, angels were put into life forms, he was sent down to me. No, I'm not dating Dove. He has no interest of that sort towards me. ^u^ I know that I can talk to him about anyythingg. I've always had shut myself out towards people sine I was 7. Now bit by bit, he knows a little more. Eventually sometime during the summer of 2016, I am making a trip to Gresham, Oregon. I'm so excited! ^u^ Honestly, I wouldn't know how to describe him. As a whole I mean. He's appreciative, kind, honorable, and he's always there for a shoulder to cry on.
Dove, honey, I love you, you are a true miracle in my life.

Bella really loves her Dove <3

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My contact info:
Snapchat: shortybeeson
Facebook: Ask
Email: Ask
SocialNeko: ShortyBeeson

I do not accept random friend requests, get to know me first then ask. I'm here for anybody who needs help. I don't bite, send a pm.

I'm a very complicated person to understand, I'd guess you say. But bottom line is, I think I'm pretty cool. I hate it when people judge me. I absolutely hate it. If you don't like me...THEN DUN TALK TO MEH.

Name: Bella
Age: 15
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: I have no clue
Relatioship status:
Other: Hmm... What do I do with this...

So my dear dear Dove had helped me once again. It was really hard to communicate with him during this situation. So, I promise you guys this, if you hurt his feelings...You will regret it for the rest of your life. You couldn't find anyone sweeter. I know you'll feel really guilty. I'm not good at describing anything. He says I am, in so many different words. He's going to be someone I cross the states for, so I really don't appreciate the rude comments you people make towards him. That's all I'm saying. He doesn't like it when I defend him too much.

Anywhooo Dove deary, I love yooh!!!

People are telling me I'm amazing for the shet I went through. You don't know HALF of it. People call me pretty. Took alot of hits to get here huh? People say they love me. If only you knew me. I'm not one to say I don't love you back. That breaks people. I know. Besides I always love people who fangirl/fanboy over me.

I'm not going to change who I am to better myself. I am who I am, and if you don't like it gtfo of my life. My mind changes me when I'm under a good influence or strong love for someone. I've always been one to wear fake/real piercings, anything black, thick eyeliner, and such. But that also changes to.

Being with the little ex of mine, I changed. I wore camo, almost no makeup, I wore my hair down, and I was happy.

Now I'm back to where I was before. Out comes the cute chokers, the black outfits, the makeup, (though the eyeliner is thinner) and shutting others out again. If I tell you my problems...Feel special. Your the 1st.

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