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Please don't be rude, and I won't be rude back. Very simple.

About me~ show

I am silveon, I just switched accounts to a more formal name. o w o
Most people know me to be sweet and kind in the chatrooms, but yes, I can too be a on those bad days. I do not accept random friend requests, and if you continue to request, you WILL BE BLOCKED period. I also like nice comments on my page, but request something stupid and it WILL BE DELETED. >:U
I own the following devices: A laptop(Used for plaza), a 3ds, a dsi(RIP), a Wii U, and a school iPad until 2017.

Lets see, I think it's apparent I fangirl over Pikmin too much. I am also a fan of: Chuggaconroy, Markiplier, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fleesveon, Pokemon, and Mario games. o w o
Also, I am a straight gal. And not looking for a date so go away. -_-' I have my eyes set on someone...
So that is all. o w o See ya in the rp room!

Stuff you should know if you want to RP with me: show

If I say I am not in the mood to rp, then so be it. I do not rp with godmodders and will bail if you do so. Also randomly killing my characters or nulling some of my actions in an rp like "i moved the rock"'but he didn't because i moved it myself' is an easy way to piss !e off so dont do those. Most of my oc's are too frail to fight back. qwq

My RP characters WIP show

First up, Kado, my main Pikmin oc! Aka Smol Boi

And here is Sibia, aka y Gal
(Unfortunately the internet is too ty to add her images and he others so just Kado for now-)
These are all fantasy characters, make fun of them and never rp with me again. Also, read guidlines on "Stuff you should know if you want to RP with me:" In the above spoiler before starting an RP with me.
Sap show

Gender: Male
Age: 11
Species: Hero.
Sexuality: Straight(Married to Silveon)
Looks: Blonde haired, wears blue shirt with darker long sleeve shirt under, blue crystal eyes, blue jeans, grey shoes.
Weapons: Crystal blue sword which cannot be easily broken, Claws formed by fingers.
Attitude/Personality: Sarcastic, can be an asshole, brave, somewhat smart, quick to anger, doesn't like to rely on others, is very reliable as an ally at dark moments/desperate times.
Bio: He is pretty much the main hero guy of my story, but with a dark backstory and shizzles, was part demon, but now not. He is revered as the most powerful and loved Hero among the worlds he has discovered, but neglects to mention the dark thoughts that brews inside his head that drives him insane.
Artwork of him:
[none yet]

Sali show

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Species: Fiorian
Sexuality: Straight(Single)
Looks: *See image for looks*
Weapons: Natural claws within her paws, fire that she can breathe, sharp teeth, and she can wield a sword if needed.
Attitude/Personality: Clever, quick to anger, self-absorbed, fierce, loyal to allies, worrysome.
Bio: The young queen of her land, Fioria, she lost her parents early as a 3 day old child and lived with WaterBreathers until she was old enough to take back the throne. She has a bad history with humans, especially Sap, but is willing to back up the humans in times of need, and to be of assistance. She mainly lives in her palace of reinforced glass(which cannot be broken easily at all), but can be found roaming the Hero's Castle for fun.
Artwork of him/herby me)

Maple show

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Hero
Sexuality: Bi
Looks: *see artwork*
Weapons: Can clone any weapon, so anything, but mostly uses a green version of Sap's sword weapon, and he can create these weapons out of thin air too.(only in his Imperial Form which he is in almost always.)
Attitude/Personality: Self-confident, snarky, brave, smart, thinks before acting, likes to joke, outgoing, can be an asshole.
Bio: Sap's older sibling, he was originally nothing but a mere human unlike his younger demon sibling, and was favored by his dad before they died in a house fire, teaching Maple responsibility. Overtime, Maple had grown up more and more, finally finding his younger lost sibling and then losing his life trying to save him, coming back and losing his mind. Within this period of time, he had gained feelings for both sexes, and especially loved his brother *coughincestcough*. Overtime, he slowly came back to the normal side, and was granted to be a Hero when he was at the very edge of his final moments as a human.
Artwork of him/hermine, and this is old)

Equinox show

Gender: Male
Age: 270
Species: Spirit Guardians(fox)
Sexuality: ???
Looks:*see artwork*
Weapons: Claws within paws, sharp teeth once mask has been removed, and daggers which he can create/extras are hiding within fur of chest and fur behind the ears.
Attitude/Personality: Calm, brave, straighforward, stealthy, thinks before acting, protective over master, longing to be complete.
Bio: He was created alongside with his Master, a young male by the name of River, which meets his demise trying to save Sap. Once River dies, he follow Maple and continues his Master's will of finishing off Cora and Corrupt Rin.
Artwork of him/herbase used, and was an adoptable I bought)

Cora show

Gender: Male
Species: Hero(Created)
Sexuality: Openly Bi(single)
Looks: Wears a long black trench coat with a dark greenish emblem on it, brown hair with a black stripe across the bangs, has a grey long sleeve shirt on paired with black cargo pants underneath the coat. Has grey lifeless eyes.
Weapons: Two dual wield Soul pistols, which slowly eat away at a creature's life force(soul) until it is gone or the injury is treated. The life force wont be sapped until contact from a bullet enters the body of the creature. Skimming the skin will NOT cause these effects.
Attitude/Personality: Rough, smart ass, likes to make men uncomfortable, finds fun in watching others suffer, likes jokes.
Bio: Created artificially by Corrupt Rin, he is one of four Hero's that was created by Corrupt Rin, and is the only one that fully obeys Rin. He was created to be the "protagonist" to the "antagonist" Cadence(A similar man to Sap, but much older and with a black palette and black demon wings), but failed when Cadence and RS betrayed Corrupt Rin and gained emotions to fight back with. Cora does have emotions, but he never lets them show.
Artwork of him/her: *none atm*

Cadence show

Gender: Male
Species: Hero(Created)
Sexuality: Not openly Bi(single, but refuses another)
Looks: Sap's looks, but a black palette swap, grey eyes, black demon wings.
Weapons: Fingers that can morph into claws, any object within range.
Attitude/Personality: Tough, caring, nice, thinker, parental figure, others before him.
Bio: Created by Corrupt Rin, he originally was named "Evil Sap", or "ES" and was supposed to be the "antagonist" to Cora. Once Cadence formed emotions of that of a true Hero, he seemingly had feelings for Cora until his betrayal. Since then, he fights alongside the Hero's and is a motherly figure to RS.
Artwork of him/her:*none atm*

RS show

Gender: Male
Age: 11
Species: Hero(Created)
Sexuality: Straight(Single)
Looks: *see artwork*
Weapons: large scarf hand in which can be used to choke others, anything nearby, blue crystal sword(If he can remember how to summon it/not afraid)
Attitude/Personality: Chicken, childish, immature, somewhat brave.
Bio: Created by Corrupt Rin, he was used to "replace" the real Sap of the world Corrupt Rin originated from, but failed to do so. He had developed emotions, causing him to glitch out every time one is experienced. He is referred to by Corrupt Rin and Cora by "The Broken Toy", and his real name RS is never acknowledged. (RS is short for RP Sap, his full name) Along the way of his life before meeting Cadence, he met the real Rin, which bestowed upon him a scarf, that was originally said to be created to choke him to death, but instead he and the scarf have become best friends, and RS uses the scarf often as his main set of arms, using it to climb places and such.
Artwork of him/herBy my friend ShinyRai on DA, which I commissioned this)

Doot doot congrats for reading it all, or just scanning though it.
(Base for adding characters to my list:
Artwork of him/her:
Please ask to use this first!!!)

Some of my artwork! show

2016(art trade with Tane Silver
2016(commission for someone on g+)
2015(Sali is still my fiorian babe)
2015(lovely commission I did for someone)
2015(Silvesary is a cutie patootie
My main oc's Silvesary and Kado if you want to make fanart!

Thanks for looking at some of my art!!! qvq

Totally Not Coding! show

Made you look!~

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2423-4650-3906

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