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Poetry. Some mine, some others.
You'll notice a recurring theme of my mental state.
These are just some I've put up in the forums over the past 5 years.
They're not in chronological order, so some of them randomly suck.

I still remember the first time I went down on you.
The dictating craving that fed my most intimate desires to have you.
Every cell in my body was screaming in a hungry rage to devour every part of you.
I wanted to taste you and sense you.
I craved your nails in my skin and bruises on yours so that we could feed off the most powerful energy that was seducing us.

your first mistake was loving someone who doesn’t know what love really is.
it was giving them the power to ruin you, giving them enough strength to crush your soul with two fingers, and even worse, a few words.
your second mistake was telling them how much you need them, how your soul longed for something like this, how you can’t imagine long nights without them.
your third mistake was falling too fast for the idea of who they were, the soft hints of hate you missed in their words, the points of concern you should’ve noticed.
your fourth mistake was loving them more.
loving each little bruise and bone, being convinced each scar had a story, even when it didn’t.
connecting the freckles on their back into constellations and secretly wishing this would last forever, baby no, you can’t wish on stars that aren’t bright.
and they, they were always dark and dull.
they looked at you with bored eyes, you were convinced they were only ever tired.
they held you with careless, clumsy, arms.
arms that never shook from holding on too tight, you kissed with motionless lips, slept with a body and no soul.
but, it’s not your fault.
it’s easy to fall for an idea, especially when it’s got big brown eyes and a heartbeat that sounds like your favorite song.

Your lips always stopped me in my tracks,
Your words are beautiful, painting me
Picture after picture of paradise.

Your eyes always enchanted me,
Seeing our future beyond this box
Laughing and crying together.

We moved on, we went apart.
I moved on, you went apart.
You words still give me lockjaw,
The bitter taste of whiskey
As it slides down your throat.

Your eyes still give me dreams,
I want to hold you.
I want to love you.
But I shouldn't.

Daylight breaks,
Her body aches,
As she pours herself another glass,
Looking into the brown,
Another frown,
Maybe this is her last.

Night falls,
Hasn't stopped at all,
Heart in pieces on the floor
Lost faith in her love,
Lost faith in those above,
Broken trust; Dirty wh-re

Water red,
Lost her head,
Darkness shrouds,
Blood seeping
Quiet weeping,
Slowly the mind clouds.

Wow. How do I start?

My water, my calm,
I'll be your burning flame.

My heart, in your palm,
Enchanted by your name.

I can hear you,
I can feel you,

I wonder,
Can you do the same?

Your fingertips,
The gentleness of your lips.

Your murmurs,
Your whispers,
Your laugh,
Your pleas,

They could bring me to my knees.

Your face, your eyes,
They see right through me.

That playful smirk,
Forever on display,

You are the moon,
At the end of my terrible day.

Forever lighting my darkness,
Leading me to my dreams

As the tears roll down my cheeks,
I want you here in my arms

All we can do keep breathing.
All we can do WILL be enough.

We can make this into something more,
We can show them all.

You are mine.
I am yours.

And you will forever be my always.

I should forgive you
It's so easy to say
Harder to actually do

Your words replay
Every word a knife
Torturous all day

Do you really feel this way?
Did I cause this?
Is this the price to pay?

I may have been wrong
But you were too
The silence is long

I think I need my space
To rethink and reevaluate
This relationship and my place

If I was so childish and stupid
Why do you now act
As if you've been stuck by Cupid?

You are intoxicating
I will never understand
These addicting things

So far away
There you will stay
Out of my reach
Out of my arms
Being without you does me harm.

I wish you were here
I wish you could see
Just how happy you make me
But that is a dream
And so are you
SO I'll awake to reality
Something I know will stay true

I'm watching you hurt,
Watching you fade.
I'm reaching out to you,
As far as I can go.
I can see you falling,
I'm reaching for your heart,
Trying to pull you back,
Watching the nothing in you.
I'm watching tears fall,
I'm watching you leave,
I'm watching you disappear.
I need you to come back,
I need you.
I need you too see the good,
The good is hidden, I am aware.
Just open your eyes,
Look at the world around you.
Find the good.
Don't let the nothing take over.

I'm taking steps, steps on another road

steps to another world

1 step to numb the pain

1 step to ignore the masses

1 step to avoid the normal

1 step to destroy the chaos

1 step to drain the lies

1 step to forget everything about you

1 step to clear all evidence

1 step to find shelter

and 1 final step to nothingness

I know you're reading this.
I know you're there.
You know who you are, you know this is for you.
If you could place a number on the amount of times you think of me, what would it be?
Could you use more than one hand?
When you do think, what is it of?
The good or the bad?
Do you think about reaching out?
Do you know I think about you?
In my times of low self esteem, you're there with me.
You always worked so well, pointing out my inadequacies.
You're the poster child for my failures.
In the dark, low nights of my pathetic existence
You're there.
Stroking my hair, caressing my cheek.
Softly touching my lips with your poison.
Reminding me of the instability I've acquired during my time with you.
It's sweet, so sweet..
The taste of the black cherry before it stains your lips.
Anyway, if you read this, please know, it's definitely for you.

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