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Pfft... Account stealing. I've left plaza. Blame the two idiots I gave my account to.
For those of you that visit my profile show

I've taken it upon myself to quit Plaza. No. It's no one's fault. It's just a choice I've made. And if you make any stupid choices after reading this. I will find out, come back, and punch you in the jingles. Now. Bye.

Me, myself, and I show

Gender: male
Age: 15
Things I like: pizza, fried chicken, root beer (soda), kool-aid, being friendly, role-playing, I could go on forever
Favorite tv shows: adventure time, regular show, ridiculousness, animaniacs, again could go on 4ever
Things I don't like: jerks, bullies, spiders, heights, basically everything
Race: african-american (apparently...I'm caramel...thanks for that, Micci.)

Fantasy RP Characters

Abel show

Name: Abel
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Skills: All of his skills are linked to his alien/fire abilities.
Powers: These are on a need to know basis. Only one person knows of most of them. Gad damn it, Miku.
Race: Some sort of Ethereal Living-Flame race. A race unknown to humans. Sad to say, not even Abel knows much about it either. (He also has a British accent. Not a strong one, nor a weak one, but a perfect one.)
Weapons: Abel is a weapon. A weapon only he can control, and on rare occasions, someone else. Usually Miku. Gad damn it, Miku.
Bio: I'm not what I seem. Human. The name's Abel, just Abel. I'm not a verb either. I'm a living flame, but not sure how I came to be. I appeared on this planet you humans call... Earth. Glad I didn't land in one of your many oceans, especially since I hate getting wet. Iwould'vealsoevaporatedanyandallwaternearme. But that's not important. As I grow, my knowledge of myself grows as well. I can manipulate my appearance as well as the rest of my body. It must suck to be human, huh? Anyways, that's all there is to know about me. Go away before I scorch the eyebrows off your face.

Abel's Appearance show

Abel might be stepping on No Name's territory.

Vote here! show

But just in case... Let's have a vote, shall we?
Those of you who think No Name looks better, say "1".
Those of you who think Abel looks better, say "32".
Leave your answers in the comments.

*New* show

Name: Sir Abel
Gender: Male
Age: He has become one with the shadows, making him nearly immortal.
Skills: He is a master swordsman and prefers to fight without a shield. He also wears armor that connects to his life force, so when he's at his strongest, so is his armor. Vice-versa for when he's weak.
Powers: He is a master of the shadows, almost forcing him to be a shadow battle-mage. And on certain occasions, he can consume the shadows to become his shadow form.
Race: He prefers to be called a "Shadow Night", but he's really of orc-ish descent. (Mother was human and father was an orc... Soooo... Yeah.) He (luckily) got his looks from his mother.
Weapon(s): Like his armor, his sword (it changes depending on his preference) is connected to him as well. But it's connected to his willpower. The stronger his will to fight, the more powerful his sword becomes.
Bio: He was once a sweet child, glad to have his parents around, and as he grew so did these feelings. When he was finally old enough to leave the house in search of his own, he returned to find a crime scene where his house once was. In the area, there lay two body bags. They both resembled his parents. He then remembered that when he was a child, his parents were always confronted by tax collectors or people of the sort. They would always demand that his parents pay more money each time for their taxes, even though they're rarely home long enough to rack up such costs. One day his father, Master Sorouk, decided not to pay the absurd amount of money for their taxes. He threw the tax collector out if his house and onto the street. The man muttered something about "regretting this day" or something like that. (Give him a break, he was only a child.) And so they did. They refused to pay for the services they didn't need. And the day Abel left, in search of his new place, the people saw their opportunity to strike. Ever since that traumatic experience, Abel decided to leave his home town and never return. And one day, he was hired by a princess as her royal guard. He had no choice but to accept it. Even though he never says anything about it, he sees The Queen as a little sister he never had. (It's probably due to the height difference. )

Sir Abel's Appearance show

If I can find a good picture, I'll put one of what he looks like without the the armor.

Cordelia show

Name: Cordelia
Gender: Female
Age: She's a vampire...yet she looks 21
Race: Vampire
Skills: These are her secret.
Powers: Flight, invisibility, mind control, unimaginable speeds, super strength
Weapon(s): She uses her hands as weapons
Bio: Not even she knows about herself...all she knows is that she's a vampire. She really tends to stumble upon her powers.

Fire Emblem Cordelia show

This Cordelia is from Fire Emblem. This is not the picture I want.

This will do show

Non-Fantasy RP Characters

Leala show

Name: Leala
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Skills: Is stalking a skill?
Powers: None
Bio: Leala has a knack for following people, without being noticed...Especially my OC, Abel. She doesn't have parents. She currently stays at Abel's house.

Leala's Appearance show

I mean... Who wouldn't want a wanderer that looked like this to be in their house?

Jody show

Name: Barry....Barry Bright...=3=? lolno. Jody(name may change in the future)
Gender: Male
Age: Varies
Skills: He's a master of Judo, Karate, Tai Quon Do, and hacking
Powers: He's human...don't know why this part is even here
Bio: Jody was raised in a dojo in Tokyo, Japan. He was born in West Virginia, but moved, with his foster parents, to Japan. Jody's chromosomal parents didn't want him because he "wasn't what they wanted". They were right, Jody was smarter than both of his parents, combined... it doesn't make much sense...but he's that smart.

Jody's Appearance show

I subconsciously made his bio sort of like Batman's history... Now that I've read it.

Project Freelancer RP characters

Agent Ohio show

Freelancer Name: Agent West Virginia

Agent West's Appearance and Bio show

Agent Massachusetts show

Agent Name: Agent Massachusetts

Agent Massachusetts and her bio show

Anime RP Characters

No Name show

Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 20-ish
Skills: He's a master at all types of magic...including dragonslayer magic. He is pretty decent with a sword.
Powers: Elemental Dragonslayer magic is his favorite. Telekinesis is a close second.
Weapon(s): A greatsword given to him by his mentor

No Name might have some game with a face like this show

Yeah... He's got the looks, and the game to go with it.
His sword has a name of its own. He calls it "Devastation", due to the fact that when he uses it, it causes him to go into a sort of... "Destruction state". He becomes surrounded by a purple-ish, red aura, and he goes silent, ignoring most outside stimulants. If you get into a fight with him, make sure to beat him.

Kowareta show

Name: Kowareta
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Skills: Unmatched in hand-to-hand combat and anything that involves a blade
Powers: Doesn't really have powers.
Weapon(s): The red half of Dr. Matoi's scissor blade# Also has two Desert Eagles that she's modified. She also has her own version of Ruby's gun scythe. She's a bit of a mechanic/gunsmith.
Bio: She doesn't have much of a back-story...she's really a wanderer. Another tidbit of information: She's scared easily, and when she's scared she starts slicing. She also won't hesitate to punch you in the face if you piss her off. She has four best friends: Andrea, Abel, Sakura, and Draco.

Kowareta's Appearance show

This is what I saw... Then I thought, "Kowareta would hate to have big breasteses... They would hinder her fighting ability or something like that"... But the picture stays. I'm going to find the perfect picture for Kowareta though.
I think this suits her nicely. She looks sweet, but once you anger her... Just don't anger her.

RP character names would be greatly appreciated!

Best Friends show

Best Friends: More to be added!
XxMintxX a.k.a. Cheyannepille: You're back! (in a way) And have one of the derpiest names I've evah seen!
Yui64: I wish I could've stopped you from leaving...
XxAlivexX: You shall be called Pancake!
Lard-Kun a.k.a. Dorklard501 a.k.a. Darklord105: This guy... This guy is awesome... Not only can he take a rock in the bum, but he can also take a wasp sting to the crotch... (He's also my Co-Senpai in Senpainess... Not as good as me though. :troll
ShadowBunny a.k.a Razajack
Shyness: Somehow, you became a queen... Not a very good one, but you're still a queen... That's not weird at all. (It's very weird.)
NightSerpent: My Buddeh and the best csplit coder I know! And you're also an amazing RPer, I don't know of anyone better!
Shammy a.k.a. Hansaki a.k.a. Janieboo: Don't hurt me. Go hit Lard-Kun instead. *cowers in a corner*
Elainel: One of my vampire friends... But you don't go overboard with the blood sucking.
Haruhiiiiii a.k.a. HaruChan: You've got a sexting problem...
xXBaikutoriXx a.k.a. Touriii a.k.a. torigirl23: You... You bit my nipple. There's no reason for us not to be best friends now.
I love u guys and gals.

My Chans show

Pan-Chan(Chancake): You made me a senpai again.(Update: You can speak Spanish. I had no clue.) #FreshStart
Yui-Chan(Katy): You just let me be your senpai. Thanks, Katy.
Silv-Chan(Silveon): You needed a I became yours.
Lia-Chan(Shyness):'re something know that? #PervySenpai
Sammy-Chan(Noun): I was surprised when you called me I'm your Senpai. #StructureSquadForever
Sniv-Chan(Snivy2): You made me a girl for a day...weirdest day ever. #GenderBender
Fluff-Chan(TheFluffiestSummer): I was surprised when you called me Senpai...30 seconds later...I became your Senpai.
Vampire-Princess-Chan(Ela): You've sucked my blood, now you're my Chan... Forever... -cue dramatic music-
Usotsuki-Chan a.k.a. Haru-Chan(Haruhiiiiiii): You were so lonely, but then I showed up. I pounded that loneliness into the ground and became your Senpai. #CoolestSenpaiEvah! also hail her she's the best
Red-Chan(redpaw###): You made me a Dodeca-Senpai... Thanks?
Nice-Chan(TheEpicOne): You thought I was a sensei... Silly Nice-Chan, I'm no teacher. (Senpai totally didn't think you were a guy. ewe)
New-Chan(Celebi2015): Am I really that cool? To the point where strangers ask for Chanship?
Ghost-Chan(LightBunny): Sorry Usotsuki-Chan killed you that day. I really need to get her under control. Anyways, welcome to the family. The strange, murderous, crazy family. Hope you like it.
Pin-Chan(Pin_The_Person): My newest Chan. ; - ; Saving Senpai's Plaza-less reign bit by bit.
Kate-Chan(HyperTheFox): You flashed me. Twice. You also keep calling me "Sempai". I'm a man damnit. Anyways, welcome to the family. Let's hope you don't end up like Ghost-Chan... Hehe...
I love you guys...never forget that!
At this rate, I'm going to have too many Chans to count.

So funny! show

torigirl35 as Victoria "Put the bra on." mr.apples as John "I can't use this. -3- I have no tits."

This profile was done by: show

Hansaki: The best profile mod I know...wait...the only profile mod I know. Thanks for the help! (I don't know why it's funny. It just is.)


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