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After having done quotes from Ghost (True Capitalist Radio), and listing off metal bands with absurd names, I decided to have a new theme on this ty profile. I'll be doing quotes from iDubbbzTV:

"Hey, that's pretty good."
"Heeeey everybody, welcome back to another episode of Kickstarter Crap."
"Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of Bad Unboxing."
"What are you in' gay?"
"What are you a in' faggot?"
"I'm a nigger faggot. Mother was a nigger, father was a faggot."
"M-m-m-m-m-MONEY SHOT!"
"Swag is an abbreviation for faggot."
"I don't drink."
"Hello, can I get a McGangBang?"
"Harmbe, Harmbe, I'm glad he died. Harmbe, Harambe, let's see what's inside."
"You know what birds like to drink, guys? Cummies. Who's cummies? Daddy's cummies, that's right. Leave a like guys, leave a like."
"Oh hell yeah!"
"Imma dead dis item, because I'm gonna take it dead off your thigh."
"You keeled John Centa. What have you done?"
"Obviously that's not your in' ejaculate."
"The Rock greatest warrior. He is king of WWE, or Wrasslemania, anyone? Do you want to fight?"
"Yes, she's retarded."
"The Rock does not leik veeolence. Plase do not do that, John Centa. Plase do not!"
"Bowser is a stoopid caunt."
"Take this you big monche!"
"Do you like PewDiePie?"
" you cunt."
"I'M GAY!!!"
"You wanna with me, I'm Jack Skelington!"
"My nama Chef!"
"Have you seen Chef?"
"BOO! Hahahahaha."
"Oh no, Gozirra! Oh noooohhh! Cing chong, ring rong! I get a straight A in maff crass!"
"There's nothing about this that is good, because I see all sorts of weird little smudge marks on here that make me think: I just got this from some used little hentai shop in someone's Japanese basement."
"Jesus. I smell Misaki cum on it."
"No. I've got a better idea... How about, Edward Fire Hands?"
"Yeah but... What about a Cigarette Hand?"
"That's the dumbest in' idea I've ever heard. Sounds like... Sounds like a premise to a video that will never see the light of day. That's what that sounds like."
"That's pretty fishy!"
"You ready to get your ass opened?"
*gasp* "MINIONS!"
"I'm a reverse Asian."
"Glad I opened that one with my teeth."
"Well I'm not gonna translate it cunt. That's a waste of my ing time."
"Yeah, how's that for a ? Hey pal, you wanna take a puff?"
"It's called Goteborgs Rape."
"No way in HELL that's gonna be a 3DS you dumb mofo!" "Looks like it's a bag of dirt." "Oh HELLLL NAW!" "Yeah, unfortunately it is, Clarece."
"I'm so exited. I wonder what's inside."
"I dunno if I'd be best with Aliyah. Aliyah sounds like she wouldn't be very truthful. Heheh." *slaps leg*
"Tastes so good, I'm swallowin' seeds."
"I should get that tattooed right above my crotch: 'Think about it, it worth it..' That's like what a caveman would tattoo on his ."
"Bucket hat wearing faggot!"
"Hey, I'm the Content Cop."
"Hey what's going on party people. It's your boy Snack Dubbbz back again with another LEEEEGIT food review!"
"They put lettuce on my burger? I don't with no lettuce."
"You guys know your boy don't play with no pickles."
"WOOOO. You bite the peach, the peach bites back."
"Samurai Buyer: For all things yellow"
"But why senpai, why?"
"A few months back, when I was expecting some of your guys's packages, I went to the post office, I opened my PO Box, and inside was a note. The note read 'Package is too big to fit in the box.' Uhh, I'm used to hearing this. I hear this almost every other day of the week. Usually my package is too big to fit in the box."
"Even if I was a faggot, I couldn't take nine inches in length. What do you think I am, a superhero?"
"I have cancer."
"Gay retard."
"I've never said this unironically, but this is the first time I'm going to say this unironically and actually mean it: Kill youself!"

"Imma be on the next, hand signal going to a wi-fi signal
Imma be a guitar and a rainbow, that music notes
I'm gonna be a snowflake with my grandma
I'm gonna be kids, and I'm gonna be a fried egg
I'm gonna be, all them, Uncle Sams
I'm gonna do, that? I dunno...

Imma be all the planes and turds
Imma be the plane with the chick, parenthesis, so plane
Imma be, spreading my hands
And I'm gonna be painting my nails, and, doing my hair and cutting my hair
And doin' it and doin' it- Oh. Do it, do it..."

"Yeah, you already know what it ee. And if you don't, Quaffine, you bout to find out.

Sticky bottom Buddah
Sucky y monkey
Lumpy muffin mama
Saggy titty grandma

Creepy mitten mummy
Wriggly giggly weenie
ty MIDI keyboard
Muddy grundle goblin

Yeah, that's what lines is all about
Make you go out like sauerkraut
Gonna bury you, bury you in a grave
Make yo mama turn into a slave-
That, wasn't what I was going for. You're black. Didn't mean that. I take it right back.
Really sorry. Sorry about that Quaffine. I know why they call you Quaffine now. You're not fully African, more like a decaffeinated African.
I could keep going all in' day long
I'll smash you in the face with my G thong
I'll, give you a titty twister,
And then I'll throw you into a... Big ditch filled with a bunch of dildos you in' asshole."


I'll put more down later.

WARNING: This spoiler will give you cancer if it is opened... show

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I just warned you!
What are you in' gay?

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