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Race: Black
Eye color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Favorite Color:Blue
Rapper(s) J.Cole Kendrick Lamar Logic Tupac Nas Eazy E Kanye West
Sport(s):Basketball Football
Relationship: Single[X] Taken[] Crushing[X] Married[] Engaged[]
Grade: 10th
I like Anime, I accept most friend request I enjoy to talk (girls) I LOVE music and watch only funny shows.I enjoy both casual and hardcore games.

Saving up for show
Capture Card

The Epic Ones show
Zinogre- One of the first people I talk to on Plaza
Oracle Din- We love to talk about girls.
Epic Failure- My MK7 friend.
Ivanny2- Like my first friend here.
Gold- He is my all around friend.
Saint- MY NIGGA!.

Never EVER PM me saying you added me and I don't know you I will NOT add you.

My Youtube channel We aren't ready yet we are getting the supplies just please subscribe and you won't regret.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0817-5174-0108

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