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Hello. I'm a Pokemon trainer starting to get into tournaments and stuff. Eventually I hope to participate in the Pokemon world championship! My favorite Pokemon is Whiscash!

Im not looking for any battles at the moment but ill be ready to fight soon as my pokemon are almost done being trained.

My Team: [Still a work in progress]

Pokemon: Staraptor (male) Shiny [No]
Ability: Intimidate/Item: Kee Berry/Nature: Jolly
Moves: CloseCombat,Roost,BraveBird,Substitute

Pokemon: Whiscash (Female) Shiny [No]
Ability: Anticipation/Item: LifeOrb/Nature: Adamant
Moves: Rest,Substitute, DragonDance,Waterfall

Pokemon: Glyscor (?) Shiny [?]
Ability: Poison Heal/Item:Toxic Orb/Nature:?
Moves: Protect,Toxic,Brick break,

Pokemon: Jolteon (Male) Shiny [No]
Ability: VoltAbsorb/Item: CellBattery/Nature: Quirky
Moves: Protect,DoubleTeam,Voltswitch,Thunderbolt

Pokemon: Absol (Male) Shiny [No]
Ability: SuperLuck/Item: Absolite/Nature:
Moves: Suckerpunch,SwordsDance,PlayRough,BatonPass

Pokemon: Florges (Female) Shiny [No]
Ability: Flower Veil/Item: Leftovers/Nature: Sassy
Moves: Protect,Wish,Moonblast,Aromatherapy

I am currently playing ORAS

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2621-3585-5665

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