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I don't know why you`re here but since you are here`s some stuff about me

name: Wolf Haley (how it is really spelled)
Nickname: Trap GOD
age: 15
likes: music (rap and metal i.e. Odd Future and Bring Me The Horizon), video games, food
I`m a huge fan of Odd Future and everyone in it

motto: Don't expect to be there in my sucess if you weren't there in my failure.

I`m also an aspiring rapper. i dont have no music yet (still recording it) but i`ll maybe put it on here to let you know where to get it

I'm also in a punk band (Another Day Forgotten). I play guitar and i scream a little bit still working on songs but ill let you know about that too
If you ask me to rp i will and you could pm me i dont care

RP Info
Name: Wikus Van Steyr
Race: Afrikaan (Dutch South African) Has somewhat high-pitched Dutch accent
Style: Zef (Dresses rich, broke af) wears alot of gold and expensive clothes
Abilities (in fantasy rp): shapeshifting demon who can barely control it
Personality: Loud but funny, always joking and looking for fun (or trouble)
History: Son of a trafficker in Johannesburg, South Africa, who reluctanty followed in his fathers footsteps after he is killed and left to take care of his ailing mother, along with his sister, Marilyn Van Steyr.

Now leave already

Seriously go

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