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I like to draw stickman and animation.I also like to play video also Kirby and Sonic Fan. Now I won't be in the 3dsplaza a lot. Kind of like my friend Gumball. Doing fun things in Sudomemo.

Favorite Youtuber:
Stickpage Studio

The rest I for got there names

Zita=human(Fiction Version) 10 years
Ripe=human 13 years old
Dack=Kirby-Like or Fan Character 8 years
CoreX48=humaniod,Core 16 years
Muwik=Human 9 years
Laser=Humaniod,Mess 8 years
Otter=Human 8 years
Zoro<3=Half Human Half Zoro 10 years old
Zoro<4=Zoro 12 years
Mr.V=Human 11 years old
Noldec=Human 21 years old
Duff=Human 18 years old
Iggy=Human 10 years
Dack Past=Human 6 years
Dack future=Human 16 year
Dack near future=human 10 years
Zita past= human 9 years old
Zita Far Future= human 3,000 years (look like at the 30s or 20s)

More are Coming Soon...

Am 11 year old boy


HUMAN: Human In the future kind of evolve in 2019.Human were 4x smart than normal and there lifespan is very high
And average Human will live up to 9,000. Human also have energy power.They just blast the power by just using there hands. that all for Human.

More information about Species coming Soon

Software I use to do animation:

Macromedia Flash 8

Windows movie maker.

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